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Wolfenstein Test - Allied Tips
Post by trog @ 08:34pm 18/09/01 | Comments


As the Allies, you're objective is to assault the Axis compound, penetrate the two weak points of the structure, get down into the basement and recover the war documents, and then carry them up to the radio room to transmit them. This mission is divided down into three objectives as follows:

- Breach the walls
- Get the documents
- Broadcast the documents (aka, capture the flag/documents)

The rounds for this scenario are only 8 minutes long, so its important to get to a quick start. At the start of the round, make sure your team has at least one engineer - the engineer class is what you'll need to accomplish the first objective. The engineer should head up straight away, to either target (there's a steel door on the left side which leads into their base and the forward bunker, and a broken bit of wall on the right hand side which opens into the compound).

While the engineer is doing this, the rest of the Allied forces should be supporting him and getting ready for the attack on the main base. Its definitely good to have one or two snipers taking out anyone manning the fixed guns - in addition to that, a soldier with a rocket launcher to try and destroy the fixed guns is a good idea as well. They are very useful defensive tools, so its good to take them out early.

Rocket launchers are very handy for taking out the gun turrets when there are a lot of enemy units in them - one rocket can wipe out a turret and provide valuable time for your team to make an approach. Grenades are really useful as well, especially in the forward bunker on the left - drop a few in there to keep Axis units out of there (of course, make sure none of your units are in there first).

There should be some medics and lieutenants liberally sprinkled throughout the ranks as well - the medics should be supporting the engineers primarily to make sure those walls get blown (the engineer should be safe on the right hand side, but will need backup on the left hand side). Medics should seriously focus on their role as a medic at this point - don't get distracted trying to shoot things, concentrate on keeping your troops alive.

If you see a wounded soldier down with a red cross above their head, it means they need a medic - go through your weapons until you find the syringe, walk over to them and press fire. This will revive the and get them back up and fighting. When you look at your teammates, you'll see a bar showing their health - if the bar is red, change weapons again to your health packs. You can drop these around the place for players to pick up, or walk up and stick them right onto players and they'll get some health back. Keep an eye on the bar at the bottom right of the screen when you're doing that (the action bar). This bar is there for all classes in their special abilities - you'll see it go down when you drop some packs, and it will slowly regenerate.

Lieutenants should, from the outset, be running around distributing ammunition. Yes, the Lieutenants can call in big air-strikes and they're very cool, but they are of limited use out in the field unless you're trying to blow up your own troops. Keep an eye out for players calling for ammunition - these will frequently be medics or engineers, who start with very limited ammo supplies. Switch to the ammo packs and drop them around (as with the medic, your action bar will go down). Keep everyone stocked up; if they don't have ammo, they can't fight. Keep an eye on the top left above the steel door; sometimes sneaky guys get up there - you might be able to call in an airstrike on their position (don't miss and blow up your engineer though).

Allied snipers are very important to keep enemy gunners and snipers away. The test has a different sniping system to other games, so make sure you figure it out before wasting time trying to snipe. There's an accuracy bar on the left hand side - wait for that to vanish before firing, if you have the time. If you crouch, it'll go down much faster. Take your time with the shots and make them count. Stay behind cover and don't risk exposure. Enemy snipers can cause serious damage to your team - learn where the Axis hide and try and figure out their patterns - frequently snipers will have favourite positions they like to shoot from. In general, it will take two shots (or one headshot) to take out a unit with a sniper rifle. The same applies to you, so call for a medic if you get shot and get behind cover and wait for some healing.

Something to keep an eye out for is sneaky enemy units that get behind your lines. You might get a sniper heading over to sniper hill (on the right side just near the beach) taking out your troops whilst they're still in base. Sometimes they'll even go and hide in the water in your spawn - make sure you take these guys out quickly, because they'll tear you team apart. If you're getting sniped and you can't figure out where from, check out behind you as well.

After the walls have been breached, try and get into groups - something that is extremely effective is a lieutenant, a medic, and a soldier together - the lieutenant can supply the squad with ammunition, the medic can keep them alive and the soldier can do most of the shooting. If you can get an engineer, all the better - he can destroy enemy gun turrets with dynamite and provide another gun to help fight their way through.

The first thing to do after breaching the door on the left is to get inside that forward turret and take it over. There's a flagpole in the middle of it; if you walk up to it an Allied flag will be raised over it. This looks pretty, but serves a much more useful purpose - your team can now spawn in this area. This allows you to deploy from a much more useful location - closer to the action. There's an Axis fixed machine gun that looks down into the trenches and into the door of that bunker though, so watch out - if you run out of there and someone is manning that turret, you'll get mowed down instantly.

Moving out of the forward bunker will take you into the trenches - you can go left from there and into the lower base and work your way up, or go right and attack the front of the base. Move into the base quickly - you'll need to learn the best ways down into the basement. After the walls are breached, smart Axis teams will move people down into the basement in strong defensive positions - this is where flame units can be very useful clearing corridors. There's 2 main ways down into the basement - fairly lengthy and fairly easy to defend. After you're down there, get the documents and get straight out. If you're in a squad, you can pause in the basement and rearm and heal - make sure you have a unit standing guard whilst the guys in your squad are dropping supplies to each other.

When a unit gets the documents, he'll get a green cross over his head, identifying him as the document bearer (aka, flag carrier). Other units should treat this guy as someone who needs to be protected, and escort him to the radio room as soon as possible. Its a pretty quick route back up, but smart Axis teams will rush to defend the radio room as soon as they see the documents get picked up. Other Allied units should move towards the radio room to try and clear it out for the document bearer, but make sure you check your fire when he comes up, because it wouldn't be cool to blow him away just before he wins the round for your team.

More to come!