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Amusing Story
Post by trog @ 02:46pm 26/05/00 | Comments

This one time, I was just driving down the road to get something to eat. So I get in the car, back down the driveway, get on the road. I had to take the first left, so I did that. Midway through the turn, I spied a packet of chewing gum on the dashboard in front of me (like, just under the speedo), and I went "yum, I could go some chewy!", so I reached forward and picked up the pack.

Unfortunately, as I was turning the corner, the wheel was more or less upside down, and I had reached through the steering wheel - what was really the bottom part of the wheel, whilst it was at the top of the rotation.

Instantly, I realised my predicament - when trying to right the wheel, my arm prevented it from going back to normal alignment - thus leaving me locked in a deadly turn, heading straight to a lightpole!

Fortunately, I managed to stop the car before colliding, and then proceeded to extricate myself from the rather silly situation I had gotten into. I felt like quite the fool.

Just thought I'd mention that for Nats and my brother (who has also just got his license), and any of you other newbie drivers out there - don't make the same mistake, or you could be in a sticky situation (especially if you are reaching for gum, haha!)