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Aimbot Rantage
Post by trog @ 10:28pm 14/10/00 | Comments

An interesting <A HREF="">article</A> up on with an interview with another ubiquitous Quake 3 hater, who just happened to write a Q3 aimbot. I'm actually reluctant to post the link, because the first paragraph made me think the rest of the article was going to piss me off, which it did. In fact, it made me pretty annoyed, so much so that I've just drivelled out a pretty long bit of (probably disjointed) rebuttal action. Durzel (the columnist) said:<QUOTE>In short - to me at least - the Q3A scene represents nothing but 100% commercialisation. Whether or not the game itself is to be blamed for this, or the rise in online gaming professionalism in general is up for debate - but for now it is the focus for many peoples` anger...</QUOTE> Yeh, blame the game. Whatever. id have always been noted and praised for their total commitment to the gamers, and have never once done something overtly commercial. You know who's angry? The people that aren't good enough at games to evolve and play a new one, or who aren't good enough to compete in a professional arena. This has never stopped thousands upon thousands of tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby and hockey players from playing - its just that gamers can whinge more to other gamers more easily through the medium of the Internet.

Quotes like this from nopcode (the aimbot guy): <QUOTE>I would love to see Q3A mainstream die, as I think that they are responsible that Q2 isn`t being played anymore. I do NOT want to destroy mods like Q3F or other "underground" mods because they do not represent the average Q3 player. I`ve been playing alot of Action Quake in Q2 times which makes me feel that way.</QUOTE>Hell, have a cry about it. Its like a kid pissing in the sandbox and ruining it for others because everyone else wants to get out and play on the swings.

Or this: <QUOTE>Do you know that Stephen King offers parts of a books online? There is an option to download a part, and pay *after* having downloaded it, therefore trusting the consumer. If that was *protected* against downloading without pay, I would have tried to hack it. But it wasn`t - the offer is based solely on trust, which is very rare these days :(.</QUOTE> Yeh, humans are noted for their trustworthy attributes when it comes to paying what they take on a computer. According to the <A HREF="">SPA</A>, "Piracy losses exceeded $12 billion worldwide in 1999 and topped $59 billion during the past five years." Then we've got the mp3 scene, and now the DIVX scene, both taking money away from the people that deserve it.

<QUOTE>Yeah, it`s probably my personal warfare against the world :) Everything is becoming commercial... I hate it... Q1 had that underground feeling ... dark maps, NiN soundtrack... And now take a look at Q3... 13 year olds talking about Q3 etc... no, the age is not the problem - the problem is that they could as well be playing UT. They don`t feel for their game. You have to love ID software to understand quake.</QUOTE> I love id enough to respect how they want to spell it, too. They'd probably play UT if they thought it was a BETTER GAME. Why would anyone play a game that they didn't think was better? I play Quake 3 because I think id have done everything right in the progression of their games - since I started playing back at Dangerous Dave, all they've done is gotten better, and I look forward to everything that they are going to do from now on. People play Quake 3 because of its awesome graphics, it fast-paced gameplay and its excellent online capabilities. Just like other sports, only the elite play it at a professional level - the rest of us just play it for fun.

When asked if he felt remorse at negative comments directed towards him for his actions:<QUOTE>Not really. I felt the same the first time I went to a lanparty, finding out that there weren`t any Q2 tournaments.</QUOTE> I don't know how its done in other parts of the world, but here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, when the QGL is running a lan party of sufficient size that we would run tournaments, we have always (and will always) cater for what the gamers want. The most popular game is CounterStrike at the moment - therefore, we'll do CS stuff. This often comes at the cost of OUR OWN FUN, because we might like playing other games more. But we don't go in there and ruin it for the other people that want to have fun just because we can.

<QUOTE>The players who have changed to Q3 are as guilty as any other Q3 player - not as individuals but as a huge crowd of people. You can`t just ignore it when all other people switch to Q3, so they are more or less forced. Besides all that, the time will come when QW / Q2 won`t run on modern hardware anymore :(</QUOTE> No-one is forced to play Q3 at all. In fact, I would probably put money on the fact that more people are turning to (and more newbies are starting with) CounterStrike. There is still a big QW and Q2 community around Australia - the QGL runs several Q2 servers and QW servers to allow these guys to keep playing what the games _they want to play_. I'd gotten to the point in Quake 2 when I was playing it just out of habit - I'd stopped enjoying it long ago (incidentally at this time it had started showing the signs of "commercialism" and "professionalism" that would have inevitably surfaced anyway). But when I started playing q3test2, the space-bouncy map, I remembered why I seriously got into games in the first place - because they are fun. Knocking my friends into the abyss still has me giggling with perverse glee.

His final statement is a derogatory comment about "e-sports", which I think is a bit harsh as well. Personally, I think the increased professionalism and the likening of game playing is something that is both inevitable and great. Its human nature to compete in things, and its also nature to want to lay praise and prizes on the people that excel in what they do. People have been doing this for a long, long time, and it ain't going to change. I think a lot of people's perceptions are warped by the fact that we're watching this thing growing into a huge industry before our very eyes. Noone blinks an eye when thinking about the huge sums that professional athletes get paid. They're rewarded for their skills - just as good gamers are starting to be as well. And good on them for putting in the time and effort to do this.

In my own defense, I don't hate Quake 2, or Quake, or Doom. I still play them both when I can, and enjoy them. But I stopped playing them when the next one came out, because I appreciated all the rich new features that id provided in every evolutionary step in the pursuit of A Better Game. But things like aimbots, which, when designed to ruin other games, are just childish.

Instead of ruining your sandbox, why not find some ways to improve it and promote it to the other children?