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Game of the Year 2009 Survey

Welcome to the AusGamers 2009 Game of the Year Survey!

Every year we're asked what our Game of the Year is, and every year we just get so snowed under, we're unable to present it. It's our own fault for putting together AusGamers' first GOTY feature for the year that was 2007. That year Super Mario Galaxy won just ahead of Modern Warfare 2, BioShock, Metroid Prime 3 and Mass Effect. Oh how times have changed. But we set a precedent and now it's time we follow through and give the GOTY another platform.

What we learnt from that particular AusGamers feature is that it's all well and good for us to dictate to you what we think is the year's best, but you really only need trawl our Reviews Pages to work that out for yourself. We also saw the passion of our readers and their picks. So this year we pooled together and decided we'd do it two ways, beginning with a voting system for you cats, so as to pick your favourites from a variety of fields and massive number of games.

You have one week to vote and get behind your game, and tell your friends to sign up and help support your viewpoint, or even throw down their own. We waited this long to put this together because we didn't want to present this amidst everyone else's GOTY features, or have them steal our voting idea.

Once we've tallied the votes, we'll be publishing the Reader's Choice Awards, as well as our picks - the AusGamers Game of the Year, as voted by the site's editors. So check out the lists below, spread the word and vote away!

1. FPS Game of the Year
The First-Person genre is still kicking ass, with this year being no exception. We have 10 of the most stand-out (or not) games of the year; each with their own flavour and flair.


2. Action/Adventure Game of the Year
We had trouble whittling our list to ten. What's your pick?


3. Role-Playing Game of the Year
Were you running around hacking and slashing at dragons or squishing imps as much as us last year? What is your pick of the bunch?


4. Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year
Simulating life or strategising someone else's demise apparently go hand-in-hand. What's your pick?


5. Sports Game of the Year
Grandmaster Chess hands down... but if you insist on having a choice then tell us your pick.


6. Handheld Game of the Year
What helped you while away the hours spent on Trains, Planes and Buses?


7. Top DLC/Expansions Game of the Year
The games industry is still at war with the dachshund community over apparently stealing their acronym. Crazy dudes.


8. Fighting Game of the Year
Whatever you pick will result in the retort: "them's fightin words". But go ahead, make our day.


9. Platform/Casual Game of the Year
Ah the good ol' days. A simpler time when the cool kids played Mario and the kids who ate Clag played Sonic. Not as common these days but when they are released they do tend to top the sales chart. What caught your fancy?


10. Top XBL/PSN/WiiWare 'Arcade' Game of 2009
Some days it's too hot to go outside to buy a game, and they have the internet on computers now. Which XBL/PSN/WiiWare title downloaded its way to your heart in 2009?


11. Worst Game of 2009
We expect the "Other" field to break with the amount of entries for this one.


12. The Most Played 2009 Award

Even though there're a stack of hot new games that came out in 2009, we know that a bunch of you were still happy racking up time in older games.

To try to get a feel for what is lasting the longest, we've got a new award - the Most Played - which will give you the chance to let us know what big older games you're still playing lots of.