Forspoken is a game that consistently fails to deliver, despite some lofty ideas, and manages only to impress in the most obscure moments.
Forspoken Review - An Awkward Experience
A celebration of the long-running franchise and a great way to kick off Switch gaming in 2023.
Fire Emblem Engage Review - Strategy Gold
With the Dead Space remake out this month, we sit down with the voice of Isaac, Gunner Wright, and Motive’s Joel MacMillan to talk in-depth about this passion project.
Dead Space Remake: The Big Interview
Speaking to the team at Blizzard about all things Diablo IV, we got confirmation that the team is planning some pretty epic stuff for its post-launch Seasons.
Diablo 4’s Seasons will Change Sanctuary in Dramatic Ways
Expansion Pack Commentary
Post by trog on 12:59pm 14/11/02.
A brief commentary on expansion packs and the effects they have on established multiplayer gaming communities.
Xbox Release Schedule
Post by trog on 11:19am 24/10/02.
EA Imagine
Post by trog on 12:47pm 11/09/02.
A few days ago, I mosied on down to a dinky little city in New South Wales called Sydney. The purpose of my visit was, ostensibly, to attend a function being put on by Electronic Arts at which they were going to demonstrate some of their upcoming titles. However, with some deft moves and a remarkable display of agility (well, specifically mastering Sydney's awesome public transport system within mere hours - hell
PHP Programming Job
Post by trog on 11:13am 23/08/02.
Doom III @ Activate
Post by Gobo on 09:12pm 06/08/02.
Medieval: Total War Preview
Post by trog on 12:48pm 30/07/02.
Subway In a Hurry!
Post by trog on 03:54pm 09/07/02.
F1 2002 Review
Post by VRBones on 01:14pm 02/07/02.
Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Cheats
Post by trog on 09:44am 07/06/02.
E3: Day Two
Post by Gobo on 08:15am 24/05/02.
E3: Midway
Post by Gobo on 05:37am 24/05/02.
E3 Day One wrapup
Post by Gobo on 03:56am 24/05/02.
E3 2002: Doom 3
Post by Gobo on 07:16am 23/05/02.
E3 2002: Day one
Post by Gobo on 04:03am 23/05/02.
E3 2002: Microsoft Games Preview
Post by trog on 01:35pm 22/05/02.
E3 2002: T minus 15
Post by Gobo on 10:12am 22/05/02.
E3 2002: Diary Days 2 and 3
Post by Gobo on 06:41pm 21/05/02.
E3 2002: Activision Preview
Post by Gobo on 03:04pm 21/05/02.
E3 2002: Diary Part I
Post by Term on 12:39pm 20/05/02.
E3 2002 Preview
Post by MrMac on 02:45pm 15/05/02.
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