We sit down with the team at Xbox's first-party studio World’s Edge to talk about the journey to bring Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition to Xbox.
Age of Empires 2 on Xbox - The Big Interview
One of the most visually stunning and immersive science fiction games we’ve experienced.
Dead Space Review - A Remake You’d Cut Off A Limb For
Forspoken is a game that consistently fails to deliver, despite some lofty ideas, and manages only to impress in the most obscure moments.
Forspoken Review - An Awkward Experience
A celebration of the long-running franchise and a great way to kick off Switch gaming in 2023.
Fire Emblem Engage Review - Strategy Gold
Devil May Cry 4 Hands-on and Impressions
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:03pm 14/08/07.
AusGamers revs up the netherworld in the latest instalment in Capcom's Devil May Cry series
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Impressions
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:32pm 08/08/07.
AusGamers gets down and dirty with the zombies of the first three Res Evil games with Capcom's Wii Arcade shooter, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Extensive Hands-On
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:37pm 01/08/07.
This week I go hands-on with the much anticipated Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Nintendo Wii
EA Skate Hands-On
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:00pm 30/07/07.
Steve goes hands-on with EA's Tony Hawk challenger, Skate
Mass Effect E3 Impressions
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:46pm 20/07/07.
On the E3 floor, I caught a live demo of the highly anticipated BioWare developed Xbox 360 exclusive, Mass Effect. Check out my post-show impressions
Halo 3 at E3 2007
Post by Steve Farrelly on 11:23am 20/07/07.
Master Chief's next adventure was on display at E3 2007 with an in-depth preview of the game's campaign mode. Check out Ausgamers' on-site report.
AusGamers at E3 2007 - The Big Three
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:27pm 16/07/07.
AusGamers at E3 2007 - Or How Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony want to take all your money.
Downloading with WackGet
Post by trog on 05:52pm 18/12/06.
A brief overview about how to use WackGet to download from AusGamers.
Quake 4 Multiplayer Review
Post by trog on 01:23pm 18/10/05.
QGL's Bad has whipped up a first-hand look of Quake 4's multiplayer!
Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonshard Preview
Post by trog on 11:42am 26/07/05.
D&D goes RTS and we say WTF? Can the world's most famous RPG actually work as a strategy game, or will this be a D&D title in name only?
Worms 4: Mayhem Review
Post by trog on 11:31am 26/07/05.
The world's most aggressive annelids are back, this time with a 3D control method that actually works.
Boiling Point: Road to Hell Review
Post by trog on 11:17am 14/07/05.
Want more Deus Ex gameplay in a realistic setting? Pack your jungle kit - Boiling Point could be the game for you.
World of Warcraft 150 Beta spots
Post by Term on 10:54am 14/10/04.
New File Hosting Policy
Post by trog on 10:48am 17/12/03.
Together with some of the other major gaming sites in the world, AusGamers will no longer be hosting demos that were initially released exclusively. Check out this open letter to the gaming industry for more information.
A Doom History
Post by trog on 03:44pm 11/12/03.
A brief look at the history of how Doom impacted my life - celebrating Doom's 10th birthday!
Photos@BigPond Review
Post by trog on 10:07pm 08/12/03.
A quick review of BigPond's new digital photo printing service, Photos@BigPond.
Renting with the Internet
Post by trog on 12:30pm 26/06/03.
A few impressions based on experiences looking for a rental property online in Brisbane.
Junior Game Designer Position Available
Post by trog on 12:34pm 03/06/03.
E3; Pre event - Day One
Post by Gobo on 12:16pm 15/05/03.
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World Impressions
Post by trog on 03:55pm 06/05/03.
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World was demonstrated to the press recently at Activision's office in Sydney. Check out our impressions of the game for a closer look at this upcoming RTS.
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