Bethesda's epic sci-fi RPG is here, and it's a big one. From shipbuilding to exploring the surface of Mars, our thoughts so far.
Starfield Review... In Progress
The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally here.
Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer
We take an in-depth look at Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and tell you why it should be heavily on your radar!
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - a Deep-Dive into its Potential
Range-wise, the ROG Rapture GT6 is phenomenal, and it's ideal for all gaming and non-gaming-related tasks.
ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 WiFi 6 Mesh System Review
Games of January 2022
Post by Steve Farrelly on 02:14pm 05/01/22.
We take a look at the big releases across each platform for the kick-off month of January, 2022…
AusGamers Top 10 Best Games of 2021
Post by KostaAndreadis on 12:19pm 01/01/22.
A countdown where we take a look back at the year that was…
AusGamers Holiday Buyer’s Guide: 2021 Edition
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:32pm 16/12/21.
From cool gadgets and hardware to awesome game-related merch, it's our annual guide to all things… things! Plus, a special VIP section for those with an endless supply of disposable income.
How DLSS is Improving Performance in the Games we Play
Post by KostaAndreadis on 08:37pm 13/12/21.
Increased performance whilst maintaining image quality. We take a look at NVIDIA DLSS and dissect its groundbreaking use of AI, and how it’s bringing the best of both worlds to PC games.
We Speak to Lenovo’s Gaming Lead About the Rise of Gaming Laptops
Post by KostaAndreadis on 11:39am 25/11/21.
As powerful as their desktop counterparts, we chat with Ian Tan, Gaming Lead, Lenovo Asia Pacific to talk about portable gaming’s rise.
We Speak to 343 Industries About Halo Infinite’s Campaign
Post by KostaAndreadis on 06:51pm 19/11/21.
From enemy design to evolving the AI, we even break-down last year’s disappointing demo for what’s shaping up to be a triumphant return to form.
Hands-On with Halo Infinite’s Campaign
Post by KostaAndreadis on 06:49pm 19/11/21.
As part of a special preview program we got to dive into the first few hours of Halo Infinite’s campaign, and it's a spiritual reboot in every sense of the term.
Eternity’s End Interview - Inside the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Finale
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:25pm 18/11/21.
We sit down with the WoW team to talk about the conclusion to the Shadowlands story with the upcoming release of Eternity’s End.
Microsoft Flight Simulator Interview - Air Races, Fighter Jets, and the AI Future
Post by KostaAndreadis on 12:00am 17/11/21.
We chat with Jorg Neuman, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, to talk about the massive Game of the Year Edition, bringing air racing to the sim, and what’s in store for the future.
Step Up Your Game with KontrolFreek
Post by AusGamers on 03:53pm 15/11/21.
Built from science to improve your game. As the holiday season approaches we go through the impressive KontrolFreek range to talk about what makes them the sort of real-world mod or buff every gamer needs.
Battlefield 2042 Review In Progress (Part 2)
Post by nachosjustice on 10:32pm 11/11/21.
A disparate offering of three core game modes makes for the most confusing Battlefield experience since Battlefield Hardline. The second half of our massive in-progress review...
Battlefield 2042 Review In Progress
Post by nachosjustice on 10:00pm 11/11/21.
A disparate offering of three core game modes makes for the most confusing Battlefield experience since Battlefield Hardline. Read on to learn why...
Elden Ring - First Hands-On With From Software's New Game
Post by Joaby on 02:00am 11/11/21.
Dark Souls by the way of Skyrim, Elden Ring is the open-world RPG we’ve been waiting for. We go hands-on with From Software’s latest...
Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Devs on Prepping for Launch, and Life After Betas
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:54pm 10/11/21.
We chat with Call of Duty: Vanguard's multiplayer team about prepping the experience for launch a hungry wild, and for life after it's go-time...
Rainbow Six Siege - High Calibre Hands-On
Post by Joaby on 05:55pm 09/11/21.
We recently went hands-on with RB6's High Calibre - read on for our expert thoughts...
Forza Horizon 5 - Creating the Next-Generation of Open-World Racers
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:48pm 08/11/21.
Ahead of the game’s launch we had the chance to sit down with the team at Playground Games to discuss the development of Forza Horizon 5, and take a peek under the hood to talk about the tech driving it all.
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a Stunning Cinematic Delight on PC
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:32pm 01/11/21.
Memorable characters, a great story, and even better set pieces, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos Montreal and Square Enix is an immersive sci-fi action adventure on PC. And one that’s all the more impressive thanks to its use of real-time ray-tracing and NVIDIA DLSS rendering.
Age of Empires 4 Interview - Going Behind the Scenes on the Return of the RTS Great
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:54pm 26/10/21.
We sat down with the teams at Relic and World’s Edge days before the launch of Age of Empires IV to chat about its development, the campaign, siege gameplay, and what’s in store for the future.
It's All in the Hips - Talking PGA Tour 2K21 and Golf Videogame Development with HB Studios
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:58pm 15/10/21.
We chat with HB Studios creative director, Josh Muise, about what it takes to make a great golfing videogame experience...
Here’s Why HDMI 2.1 Makes Gaming Better
Post by AusGamers on 04:43pm 12/10/21.
With new consoles from Sony and Microsoft alongside new displays supporting cutting edge 4K and 8K resolutions from LG and Samsung, we break down the important role of HDMI 2.1. And why you need the right cable to make the most of the games you play.
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