We had an exclusive chat with Dead Space co-creator, Michael Condrey, on all things dead and space...
Revisting Dead Space with Co-Creator Michael Condrey
The city builder meets conquest series has been around for many years, and this new entry take the series back to the past to re-capture some magic.
Anno 1800 Review - Going Back to Move Forward
We sit down with Blizzard and the Hearthstone team to talk about what goes into designing a new card set and mechanics.
Talking Hearthstone and the New Rise of Shadows Expansion!
Does it hold up almost a decade after first exploding onto the scene?
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review
Overwatch Retribution is the PvE Story Content You’ve Been Waiting For
Post by KostaAndreadis on 11:52am 11/04/18.
Retribution, the new PvE co-op mission now playable in Overwatch finally delivers on the promise of fun story-based content.
Talking World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:08pm 10/04/18.
We sit down with Blizzard to chat about World of Warcraft, the enduring rivalry between the Alliance and Horde, and the new Battle for Azeroth expansion.
Amid Evil is the First-Person Shooter We Need in 2018
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:46pm 20/03/18.
A spiritual successor of sorts to the classic FPS Hexen, Amid Evil proves that old-school can feel new again.
God of War Hands-On: New Suspension of Disbelief +
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:23pm 20/03/18.
We recently went hands-on with the first few hours of God of War for PlayStation 4. Read on for our full thoughts...
The Essential Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro Add-On – An External Hard-Drive
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:27pm 19/03/18.
Our Round-Up of the Seagate and Western Digital Line-Up
Becoming Our Own Netflix and Steam
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:18pm 09/03/18.
With a Netgear Nighthawk X10, ReadyNAS, and a few Western Digital Hard Drives!
Talking Pillars of Eternity II with Obsidian Entertainment
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:58pm 08/03/18.
Recently we had the chance to sit down with Katrina Garsten, a producer at Obsidian Entertainment working on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, to talk about the upcoming RPG.
Far Cry 5 - Hands-On with the First Few Hours of Big Sky Country Chaos
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:59am 03/03/18.
At a recent hands-on session in Paris, France, AusGamers got down and dirty with Far Cry 5's first few hours -- read on for our full thoughts...
Missing in Action: Xbox One X Enhanced Patches We’re Still Waiting On
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:47pm 02/03/18.
... and a few we’d like to see.
Nintendo Switch Indie Game Round-Up
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:22pm 26/02/18.
Where we undock our Nintendo Switch consoles and play some of the great indies available on the system.
Warframe - Tenno Reasons You Should Be Playing
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:23pm 22/02/18.
The online multiplayer shooter set in an expansive sci-fi universe, Warframe, has been around for a few years now. And there's no better time to jump in.
The Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part Four)
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:00pm 09/02/18.
We finally crack the Top 10 in our countdown of the greatest slices of videogame music you're likely to hear.
Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Hands-On Preview
Post by KostaAndreadis on 01:05pm 08/02/18.
We go hands-on with Pillars of Eternity II, Obsidian Entertainment's follow-up to the brilliant CRPG.
The Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part Three)
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:40pm 07/02/18.
Part three of our countdown of the greatest slices of videogame music our ears have ever, err, heard.
The Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part Two)
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:11pm 02/02/18.
Where we continue counting down the music you need to listen to before the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Or, if you simply enjoy a good tune.
The Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part One)
Post by KostaAndreadis on 06:55pm 29/01/18.
The stuff you need to listen to before the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Or, if you simply enjoy a good tune.
Benchmarking Our New Gaming PC
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:05pm 18/01/18.
Where we put our new gaming rig through its paces...
We Chat to Blizzard About the New Mecha Heroes of the Storm Skins
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:20pm 17/01/18.
Turning iconic Blizzard heroes into anime inspired robots isn't as easy as it sounds.
Hardware Mod - Liquid Cooling + Geforce GTX 1070 Founders Edition
Post by AaronJones on 03:50pm 16/01/18.
Where we took at look in our hardware room and noticed both a Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 Closed Loop Watercooler and Geforce GTX 1070 Founders Edition just sitting there.
Short and Sweet - Our First Impressions of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:58pm 16/01/18.
We took on the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta. Here's our initial impressions on 2018's most promising fighter...
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