We take the Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 for review and come out full of ideas and vigour! Click through to learn why!
Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 Review - A Creator's Paradise
That is also full of things to do, expand and grow in a classic Star Wars adventure!
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - A Monstrously Large Game
Our full review of Arkane's vampire slaying co-op action game set in a sleepy island town.
Redfall is Disappointing and Feels Unfinished
An in-depth mish-mash ideas, Tears of the Kingdom is genuinely one of the best open-world games of all time!
Don't Cry For Me Hyrule - We Review Link's Latest Adventure
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Review in Progress
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:01am 27/04/23.
Our 'review in progress' for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Check out our thoughts so far and stay tuned for the final verdict soon!
Hands-On with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Post by KostaAndreadis on 11:00pm 26/04/23.
We go hands-on with one of the most anticipated releases in years, and the follow-up to one of the best games of all time. So then, what's new in Hyrule?
Gloves Off With Harada: Tekken 12 Confirmed, Hairdos and Don’ts, and the Trials of Making 8
Post by Grizz on 12:01am 29/03/23.
We hitched a ride to Singapore for a world first fists-on with Tekken 8. The TL;DR after two hours and 10 characters: Tekken 8 is feeling like an uppercut above the rest. Following that extended lunch of knuckle sandwiches, we then picked the brains of Katsuhiro Harada, executive producer and sunglasses enthusiast...
World of Warcraft: The Big 2023 Interview with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:25pm 23/03/23.
We sit down with Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft, to discuss the launch of Dragonflight, the current state of WoW development, dragon-riding becoming a mainstay, and a lot more.
Redfall Preview - A Bite to Remember
Post by KostaAndreadis on 01:00am 23/03/23.
From the creators of Dishonored and Prey, Redfall is a co-op action game set in a sleepy coastal town overrun by vampires. And we recently had the chance to go fangs-on.
Dead Island 2 Interview - Inside the Game’s Delightfully Gory FLESH System
Post by KostaAndreadis on 02:00am 14/03/23.
Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids, or FLESH, is behind Dead Island 2’s over-the-top and impressively gory combat. We sit down with Dambuster Studio to talk about how it all works...
Dead Island 2 Preview - Hands-On in HELL-A
Post by KostaAndreadis on 02:00am 14/03/23.
After spending considerable time with Dead Island 2, it’s safe to say that the combat is shaping up to be some of the most fun gore-filled action you’re likely to see in 2023.
The Top 10(tacled) Lovecraftian Videogames
Post by Christian on 06:24pm 08/03/23.
With the so-called "Lovecraftian" subgenre or tone and atmosphere desciptor on the rise in games, we take a look back at 10 of the best to ever don the tag...
Games of March 2023
Post by Steve Farrelly on 07:05pm 01/03/23.
Here's a brief look at all the games coming in March, 2023!
Hands-On with Final Fantasy XVI - All Grown Up
Post by Steve Farrelly on 01:06am 01/03/23.
We were invited out to Square Enix to not only play Final Fantasy XVI, but to also meet key members of the development team. Read on for our full thoughts...
What is Lovecraftian? A Deep Dive into the Man, His Writing and His Legacy...
Post by Christian on 04:15pm 28/02/23.
We take a deep look at who H.P. Lovecraft was and what it means to be 'Lovecraftian' in a pop culture world constantly trying to sell a vision and define its experiences...
From Depths Unknown - Talking and Playing Dredge with Black Salt Games
Post by Steve Farrelly on 11:03pm 27/02/23.
We've taken Dredge for a hands-on test ride and also took some time to chat to the NZ team behind the surprise package, Black Salt Games. Read on for everything we dredged up...
Old-School Aussie Gaming Mag Metroid Prime Reviews, in the Digital Flesh
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:04pm 17/02/23.
Check out some old print pages of our old Metroid Prime reviews from Aussie gaming magazines staples, Nintendo Gamer and Hyper!
Here’s Why DreamHack Melbourne 2023 is Australia’s Can’t-Miss Gaming Festival
Post by KostaAndreadis on 04:52pm 10/02/23.
A taste of what the world-renowned festival is bringing back to Melbourne.
Games of February 2023
Post by Steve Farrelly on 10:51am 01/02/23.
Let’s take a look at the big releases across each platform…
Age of Empires 2 on Xbox - The Big Interview
Post by KostaAndreadis on 02:00am 31/01/23.
We sit down with the team at Xbox first-party studio World’s Edge to talk about the journey to bring Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and some of the changes and innovations it brings to the table.
Dead Space Remake Interview: An Inside Look at Isaac and the Ishimura
Post by KostaAndreadis on 11:38am 19/01/23.
With the Dead Space remake out this month, we sit down with the voice of Isaac, Gunner Wright, and Motive’s Joel MacMillan to talk in-depth about this passion project.
Diablo 4’s Seasons will Change Sanctuary in Dramatic Ways - Blizzard Interview
Post by KostaAndreadis on 05:18pm 13/01/23.
Speaking to the team at Blizzard about all things Diablo IV, we got confirmation that the team is planning some pretty epic stuff for its post-launch Seasons.
AusGamers Top 10 Games of 2022 - Honourable Mentions
Post by AusGamers on 11:23am 10/01/23.
We’ve counted down the best games of the year, and here are a few more gems we got to play…
Games of January 2023
Post by AusGamers on 02:58pm 03/01/23.
Let’s take a look at the big videogame releases for January 2023, across each platform…
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