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The Witcher 2 & MSI Competition Banner

The Witcher 2 & MSI Competition

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Competition is now closed

The competition has come to an end, thanks to everyone who participated!

Winning Entries

Congratulations to the following AusGamers readers, the winners of our The Witcher 2 & MSI Competition!

David : Travel the lands trying to answer the most difficult question of all time... Does my ass look big in this tunic?

Shanan : I would become the best god damn Kinder Surpise maker in all of Temeria. Period.

Jordan Robinson: Rather than serving and protecting the monarch as a Witcher, I would pursue his wife's sister, Lady Pippa of Temeria, along with her 'supernatural' rear-end.

Rees B: Speaking from experience, I'd likely start my own kingdom, better than my old king's kingdom. It'd fail due to lack of experience at kinging.

Nick Beagley: The tried and true pastime of bored supernatural beings: terrorising the locals in to providing food, comfort, and sacrificial virgins.

windebieste : I'd do EXACTLY what Arnie, The 'Sperminator', did. I'd knock up the King's house maid and then I'd be known as 'The Witchernator'