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Skyline Competition

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Competition is now closed

The competition has come to an end, thanks to everyone who participated!

Winning Entries

Congratulations to the following AusGamers readers, the winners of our Skyline Competition!

Anthony Nguyen: Grab the nearest fork and pick axe and turtle up underground. Live off baked beans and start planning the revolution!

Benjamin Hubbard: I would cancel my WoW subscription

Scott Biss: Immediately buy myself a Chastity belt. I've heard the stories concerning Aliens and probes...

Brett Marsland: Shave my head. We may then be able to join forces.

Clint Hayward: Post on the ausgamers forums that faceman was right all along!

Conor O'Flaherty: Top up my Eve subscription and make sure I had a long skill queued.

David Jeffery: Swear unquestioning loyalty to our new overlords and begin rounding up the human cattle for processing.

Douglas Macpherson: You gotta team up with the zombies... Even if aliens are here, if you've got zombies on your side, you got a fighting chance!

Luke Welch: Grab my display sword, drive to the rife range, and prepare my lube! That's it! Game over man, game over!

Chris Ellis: Cover my house in al foil and coat hangers while wearing a vegetable strainer on my head so they cannot read my thoughts.

Hamish : I'd show those aliens what a bloated, runaway military budget can do.

Matthew Sayer: I would get to the nearest costume shop, get a Chewbacca costume, put on my best Chewbacca voice, and proceed to kick some alien ass

Matt Miliani: Ring up Gordon Freeman to help crowbar all the aliens to death.

Nick Warmington: Stock up on bubble gum! Avoid the moment where i'm ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and be out of gum...

parody : I would get a MacBook and hack their control systems and make them dance for me and then make me a sandwich.

Scuzzy : Two aliens at the same time

jon butler: Buy a carton of beer and some tin foil. No way they could find me with my tin foil hat on and i like Beer.

Tony McGee (Dazhel): The first thing I would do in an alien invasion would be to SHIT MY PANTS.

Edwin Khoo: Hide like you’re a choir boy running from a priest. Meanwhile, curse the government for letting these damn asylum seekers in so easily.

Mannan Mackie: I would log on to WoW and go to the typically most famed areas and be able to play undisturbed!