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Nvidia GeForce GTX USB Drive Give Away

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Thanks to the lovely people at NVIDIA we've got THREE Nvidia GeForce GTX USB Drives to give away!

What's this now? Well, last year on April 1, 2017 graphics experts NVIDIA released the following April Fools video showcasing a new product that would enhance you gameplay with the power of GeForce GTX goodness. The device was a USB drive, a miniaturised GeForce GTX 1080 that would come pre-loaded with all sorts of game-improving tools to take you to the next level.

Unlike most April Fools pranks this was a genuinely fun effort from NVIDIA that quickly gained notoriety. And soon after that people, well, wanted to get their hands on a miniaturised GeForce GTX 10-series GPU in the form of a USB drive. And so NVIDIA complied, creating a limited run of Nvidia GeForce GTX USB Drives. Collector's items that come in special packaging that we were lucky enough to recently score a few of.

In fact, these are still in high demand so be sure to enter now for your chance to win.

Entry is easy, just tell us in 25 words or less:

"Which of the fake GeForce-Assisted Gaming technologies from the original video (as seen above) do you wish was real?"

>> Enter Now! <<

Competition entries will close at midnight of April 20. Competition open to Australian residents only.

Competition is now closed

The competition has come to an end, thanks to everyone who participated!