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Dawn of War III Give Away

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Competition is now closed

The competition has come to an end, thanks to everyone who participated!

Winning Entries

Congratulations to the following AusGamers readers, the winners of our Dawn of War III Give Away!

Andy Huggett: Space Marine. I'm a sucker for regiment and structure. Plus - Any side that has Librarians? Librarians are sexy as hell.

Jeremy : In the grim darkness of Warhammer I side with the Eldar, because I love pointy hats, being pretty and having a smug sense of superiority.

Paul Goodacre: Orks is da best. We gots da shootiest dakkas and fastest red fings! Now gimme da shiniest copy so iz can be happy :)

Wayne Darwin: Orks for sure because i like waaagggghhhhhhh

Cameron McTaggart: I'd be a member of the glorious Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) so I could betray my battle brethen for the glory of Chaos!