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The AusGamers Team:

The AusGamers team has grown steadily along with the popularity of the site since we first kicked off in 1999. While most of the gang congregates in the forums on a regular basis, we thought it'd be nice if we had a page so everyone could figure out who was doing what behind the scenes!

Who to talk to:

AusGamers works in several small teams, but basically we channel all requests through a single point so we can make sure they're delegated to the appropriate group. If you want to get in contact with us, here are the best methods:

  • For advertising inquiries, please contact us using this form.
  • For editorial inquiries (including requests to have files mirrored), please contact us using this form.
  • For business or partnership requests, please contact us using this form.

AusGamers Editorial Staff

Daniel Chenoweth / Dan:

Dan has been a member of the AusGamers community since its conception and an employee since 2005. In addition to sharing the news, review and preview duties, Dan can also be found maintaining the AusGamers Files download mirror, encoding trailers for the video library and behind the camera at press events.

Stephen Farrelly:

Steve has been an editor in the games industry since 1998 and has worked across all major magazines both official and unofficial, but jumped into the online space to challenge himself with more consistent deadlines and equally rewrite the way in which online media was delivered. He has been with AusGamers since 2005 and helped reshape the editorial direction into what it is today.

Daniel Roy / Eorl:

Daniel was a long-term AusGamers member before his regular contributions saw the team reach out to him to become part of our core editorial staff. A passionate gamer with a keen eye for big news, Eorl helps out in all areas of our content production and management. He is also the batman.

David Harrison / trog:

David was one of the founding members of AusGamers and has been with the company since the dim dark ages. In addition to managing the core of the day-to-day operations, he also writes the occasional news post and article, experiments with large-scale content distribution, and writes the occasional line of code to give the real developers something to fix.

Editorial Contributors:

Kosta Andreadis:
Mike Bantick:
James Cottee:
Jessi Citizen / dotarray:
Amos Hong:
Nathan O'Sullivan:
Nathan Lawrence:
James Pinnell:
Chad Drake:

AusGamers Server Rentals

Brendan Cosman / Malth:
Server Rentals Guru

Malth has many years of experience in the Australian Game Server Rentals industry and joined the AusGamers team for the release of our Game Server Rentals offering. His experience has driven our quick growth, establishing AusGamers as a destination for quality Australian Game Server Rentals.

AusGamers Development

Aaron Hohns / Saint:

Aaron is one of the original AusGamers team members and has been working with the team since the beginning, both helping out with LAN events and as a developer. A senior PHP developer on AusGamers, he has contributed significant chunks of the code that has brought AusGamers information to millions of people over the last several years.

Daniel Lock / Net:

Daniel is the 4th Dan in the AusGamers office and has been part of the AusGamers team as a developer since 2012. He has been busy working his magic on existing parts on the site and implementing some of our exciting new features.

AusGamers Network Operations

Jason Brooke / Jim:
Systems Administrator

Another founding member, Jason essentially hobbled the first AusGamers servers together out of bits of wire and chunks of silicon. As the site as grown, he's integrated the latest in network and server hardware, ensuring it all continues to hum over nicely, pumping out tens of terabytes of data per month to a data-hungry audience around the world.

Tristan Mott / blahnana:
Systems Administrator

Tristan has worked in the gaming industry for more than a decade, managing servers and networks at some of Australia's biggest game development companies, including Auran and Pandemic. His experience with Linux and networks is integral to the fast performance and high uptime of the AusGamers Network.

Trent Muldoon / ara:
Systems Administrator

Trent started out working at Digital on their high-end server line before it was bought out by Compaq. Then they fused with HP, but the whole time he's been working with cutting-edge, enterprise-level hardware. That experience has translated directly into helping AusGamers scale to the level it has today.

AusGamers Management

Adam Williams / Term:

A founding member of AusGamers, Adam's organisational efforts were the main reason AusGamers not only started strong but has continued to grow over the many years it has been in operation. His management of the team has ensured, slow, steady growth that has survived any number of dot-bomb eras, making AusGamers one of the oldest sites in the business.