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Batman: Arkham City "Nightwing" DLC Trailer   1:49
Added: Thu Oct 27 10:38am 2011
Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. Set inside the heavily fortified walls of a sprawling district in the heart of Gotham City, this highly anticipated ... more
Latest Comments
Posted 12:36pm 27/10/11
who the f*** is nightwing? ... never heard of him
Posted 12:50pm 27/10/11
The original Robin, sorry, as a fanboy i felt i was obligated to inform..
Posted 01:09pm 27/10/11
Looks pretty cool, hopefully I can get it without spending too much, using up my dormant MS points.
Posted 01:55pm 27/10/11
It looks pretty good although I would wanna see a review of how much content it offered before shelling out. Its cool to see a bunch of stuff you can do as other playable characters with their own moves and weapons and stuff.
Posted 02:16pm 27/10/11
who the f*** is nightwing?

The original robin, D*** Grayson. Theres actually been like four robins. The one that was in the old tv show and later the movies is D*** Grayson, hes the one with the whole "parents were acrobats, murdered by mobsters, taken in by Bruce Wayne" story. When he grew up, he struck out on his own and became Nightwing.

Then there was Jason Todd, Batman caught him trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile and tried to reform him and make him into the next Robin. He ended up getting beaten by the Joker with a crowbar, then blown up. He wasn't very popular. Incidentally hes now back, and hes now the Red Hood, and he still isn't very popular.

For a brief time, there was a girl Robin, Stephanie Brown, who apparently got killed in this big mob war. But turns out she just faked her death, shes back now too, and is the new Batgirl (well, not anymore, since DC have started publishing their rebooted comics, but thats a whole different story).

Then there was Tim Drake, which is the one in Arkham City. He has detective skills rivalling Batman's own and discovered who Batman was and pretty much blackmailed him into being the next Robin. Then his parents were killed and Bruce Wayne took him in as a ward like he did with D*** Grayson. Tim Drake isn't robin anymore either, he became Red Robin.

The current robin is Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's lovechild from the night Talia Al Ghul date raped him. He was raised by the League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul was going to have him take over his empire, but Batman got his hands on him and turned him to his side.
Posted 02:23pm 27/10/11
d*** grayson also became batman when bruce "died"
Posted 02:27pm 27/10/11
Wait, so why was Robin in Batman Forever named D*** Grayson? And why call him Nightwing then?
And Drake blackmailed Wayne in to making him Robin, but then... what? How does he become Red Robin? Man that's confusing.

Sounds like DC have some serious continuity issues to sort out.
Posted 02:48pm 27/10/11
The movies did whatever the hell they wanted, so they don't really factor into it, they're kinda they're own continuity. He became Nightwing so he could forge his own identity, separate from Batman, cos he didn't want to be a sidekick anymore. This all happened aaaaaaaaages ago, like early 80's I guess? Long before I was following it.

Tim Drake became Red Robin cos when Damian Wayne showed up they (as in Bruce Wayne and D*** Grayson) believed it would be good for him to get out there and help people, cos he showed up as this spoilt brat who had been trained as an assassin, and was a bit of an a****** that just wanted to kill people, so they wanted to keep him close and train him. So Tim Drake kinda got shunted out of the role, and was s***** for a bit, but then took on the Red Robin persona to strike out and do his own thing, much like D*** Grayson with Nightwing.

DC does have some pretty curly continuity, but most of the Batman stuff is pretty straight forward, theres just a hell of a lot of it. It seems the games are, to a degree, striking out and making their own continuity as well. Cos in Arkham City, they're playing it like its the first time hes run into Hugo Strange. I can kinda see why they did though, cos it makes it much easier to introduce characters that probably not a lot of people know.
Posted 03:43pm 27/10/11
There's just something about having pointy ears and a black cape. This dude has nothing on batman and frankly my darling, if i wanted to play as someone with electronic batons in tights i would have just picked Orchid from Killer Instinct. This dude looks quite the poof.

Posted 04:34pm 27/10/11
As ravnos said, he actually was Batman for about 18 months or so, while bruce wayne was "dead".

It all got a little bit silly for a while after Bruce Wayne came back. Cos D*** Grayson was still Batman, but then Bruce Wayne was also Batman, and then Bruce Wayne started up Batman Inc. which was his initiative to fund an army of Batmans and every country had its own Batman. So many Batmans!
Posted 04:36pm 27/10/11
I'm batman.
Posted 05:02pm 27/10/11
I'm batman.

You could be batman if you were French.
Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'

Introduced in this month's Detective Comics Annual #12 and Batman Annual #28, Nightrunner is a 22-year-old Algerian Muslim who's lived in Paris his entire life (it seems reasonable to assume he was born in France, but at the very least he was raised there). Born Billai Asseiah, the character is uncommonly adept at the highly YouTubeable gymnastic form known as parkour. That and Asseiah's sense of justice make him an ideal recruit for Bruce Wayne's new Batman, Inc. initiative, whereby he franchises Batmen to cities all over the world.
Posted 05:08pm 27/10/11
Batman the red hood is awesome, DL IT!
Posted 06:56pm 27/10/11
DC have just rebooted their entire franchise. Pretty epic move.

I cannot wait for this game! Tempted to play through Arkham Asylum again.
Posted 07:26pm 27/10/11
Playing through AA at the moment. Where have i been all this time?
Posted 09:10pm 27/10/11
If you're loving AA, you're gonna lose your s*** when you play Arkham City.
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