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Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 2011 "House of Revenge" Trailer   2:20
Added: Thu Jun 2 9:05am 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution makes its much-anticipated return to the series delivering players an unmatched gaming experience. Set 25 years before the original, take on the role of Adam Jensen in a stunning Cyber Renaissance universe.
Latest Comments
Posted 01:34pm 02/6/11
The game has also leaked onto the usual sites, it's a beta build but seems to be mostly finished.
Posted 01:37pm 02/6/11
About 10 hours of the campaign. Quite good so far, I did laugh at how the tutorials are for Xbox, but whatevers.
Posted 02:19pm 02/6/11
I've read a little about the leak and whoever is responsible is going to get reamed harder than the guy that leaked New Super Mario Bros. Apparently is a cracked version of the Steam-delivered game that has an individually signed executable, so Valve will be able to tell exactly which account and computer it originated from.

There's also supposedly a bunch of phone-home stuff in the game, so if your playing this version, there's a good chance that the developers can at the very least see your IP address. Piracy is bad mmk.

S***** thing about this is that it's going to make other publishers think twice before making pre-release code available over Steam :/
Posted 02:20pm 02/6/11
Title says e3 2010 dan, :P
Posted 02:20pm 02/6/11
I pre-ordered my collectors edition yesterday.
Posted 02:23pm 02/6/11
It was kind of stupid of them to release it over Steam in the first place. I thought reviewers just get it sent to them on disc or something?
Posted 02:31pm 02/6/11
Out of curiosity, how much did you pay for it fpot?
Posted 02:45pm 02/6/11
Title says e3 2010 dan, :P
Cheers :)
Posted 02:45pm 02/6/11
It's $53.99 for Augmented edition on Steam. Though expect both normal and special edition to increase in price about a week or two before release date. I've seen that of late, when games on Steam for pre-order, they are much cheaper then release. Possibly it's Steam's way of at least giving us a cheaper alternative to the jacked up prices at EB?
Posted 02:48pm 02/6/11
Eorl you dirty pirate, i'll take your avatar literally aye.
Posted 02:51pm 02/6/11
Not sure about the gameplay, but the game looks fun if just for the story.
Posted 02:53pm 02/6/11
I got the normal version on steam, its only like $45 or similar, good price for AAA title, hope it lives up to expectations.

This leak seems similar to Crysis 2, hopefully it doesnt kill sales and future PC titles on Deus.
Posted 03:20pm 02/6/11
Eorl you dirty pirate, i'll take your avatar literally aye.

Posted 04:38pm 02/6/11
$45 is a decent steam price . I'd be able to get the hard copy version for about $42 for PC delivered.
Posted 06:21pm 02/6/11
I'm gonna wait for reviews on this one, I really really want it to be good, and the story looks epic, but I'm just not sure about the gameplay.
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:24pm 02/6/11
Should be a good game. I did the Steam pre-order a month or two back because I just know the price is gonna jump up at least $20 or $30.
Posted 06:52pm 02/6/11
They may as well re-jig the leak a little and release it a tad early as a demo. That way they get a few browny points out of releasing a chunky demo. That is what I would do.
Posted 09:51pm 02/6/11
They may as well re-jig the leak a little and release it a tad early as a demo. That way they get a few browny points out of releasing a chunky demo. That is what I would do.

I reckon it was a stunt on their own merit anyway. No way could something that gives out 10 hours worth of gameplay be "leaked" without them knowing. I reckon the game has at least 30/40 hours in it, so this could clearly just be a gain interest leak.
Posted 09:54pm 02/6/11
ahhh still not sure if i should grab it on steam before the inevitable price increase.
Posted 10:26pm 02/6/11
$41.99 from ozgameshop, so no real loss, just have to wait about a week for delivery. Or obviously find it on cd key palce.
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