to the moon, athena
AusGamers caught up with 2K Australia and Randy Pitchford to discuss the recently revealed Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and why Australia is making an impact on the moon. Click for more!
Welcome to Planet Nexus
We take a brief dip in the MMO pool with Carbine Studios' WildStar, and find out just what Planet Nexus has in store for us. Check it out in our preview for more!
oracle of ages
Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be Rocksteady's final in the Arkham series, so it's fitting that it's just so damn big. And Batmobiles. Nuff said. Click for more!
Trial By Dirt Bike
We take a look at the fourth title in the Trials series, and the first to hit next-gen platforms. Does it live up to the name? Find out in our review!
Battlefield 4 Review (Score: 9.4/10)
Review by nachosjustice @ 29th October, 2013
Battlefield 4 is visually amazing, with plenty of pretty that is often simultaneously aesthetic and practical, while the DICE sound wizards continue to forge a second-to-none soundscape that complements the eye candy...
Review by Hoops @ 26th October, 2013
It’s very easy to dismiss the whimsical art style, collecting and platforming as a game for kids, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find a lot to like about Swap Force.
Review by Jickle @ 25th October, 2013
For all its faults, Arkham Origins lives up to the prestige associated with its name. It’s easy to be negative about it, simply because everything it does well the previous games also pulled off splendidly, but the fact is that if the other Arkham games didn’t exist this would be the best Batman game ever by a mile.
Review by Gameboffin @ 15th October, 2013
It’s also quite a well made side-scrolling adventure, especially if you love the DC universe. However, I can’t help thinking that if more effort had gone into tweaking character aggression and interactions the resulting product might have been far more enjoyable...
The Wolf Among Us Review (Score: 8.0/10)
Review by Jickle @ 14th October, 2013
Right from the start it feels like the work of an assured, energised developer, one looking to top their crowning achievement. Whether or not this will actually happen is anyone’s guess, but things are off to a promising start...
Beyond: Two Souls Review (Score: 2.5/10)
Review by Jickle @ 13th October, 2013
David Cage may have succeeded at making his most cinematic game yet, but if I’d paid $8 to see Beyond on the cinema’s cheap day I would have walked out well before the credits rolled.
FIFA 14 Review (Score: 7.0/10)
Review by Joaby @ 30th September, 2013
FIFA 14 is a solid game, and the changes to FIFA Ultimate Team certainly improve that aspect, but I have too many issues with other elements of it...
Diablo 3 Console Review (Score: 9.0/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 20th September, 2013
Diablo III adds just enough to the console experience to separate it from its older PC sibling without stripping away the core action RPG base.
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 16th September, 2013
That not one of these guys is rising the criminal ranks to become a Scarface though, is most important -- we’ve simply stepped into their shoes with the world at our feet. And oh, what a world indeed...
ArmA 3 Review (Score: 7.2/10)
Review by Joaby @ 13th September, 2013
Underwater missions, accomplished vehicle physics, an impressive array of player stances and fantastic visuals can't make up for a too-big map full of nothing and a handful of missions most computers and servers can't fully handle. I'll tell you what though, Arma III is going to be a great game in 2015...
Review by KostaAndreadis @ 2nd September, 2013
If you’ve ever been a fan of the series or are curious about it or the genre as a whole, there’s no better Total War game than the one offered here.
Rayman Legends Review (Score: 9.3/10)
Review by Jickle @ 30th August, 2013
It combines the simple elegance, bountiful content and colourful enjoyment of so many indie works with the production values and design genius of the generation’s best Triple-A titles into a game that feels fresh and contemporary, but also mindful of what has come, and worked, before...
Saints Row IV Review (Score: 7.8/10)
Review by ko-zee-ii @ 28th August, 2013
Even with the screen tearing and sporadic glitches, unimpressive graphics, generic and forgettable antagonist and over-powered abilities, I have to admit, I couldn’t get enough of Saints Row IV, once it hit stride.
Review by Jickle @ 21st August, 2013
It may not be a game that anyone asked for, but perhaps that has, in a way, strengthened the final game, forcing it to reel itself in a bit and focus on being entertaining rather than revamping an old IP.
Rise of the Triad Review (Score: 7.5/10)
Review by nachosjustice @ 21st August, 2013
Even though Rise of the Triad is a buggy experience that’s slowly getting fixed with each subsequent patch, it still stands as one of the best examples of a classic title being given a facelift for the modern age...
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