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Dungeon Siege III Review (Score: 8.0/10)
Review by KostaAndreadis @ 22nd June, 2011
So, Dungeon Siege III, although taking place in the same world, shares very little in common with both its predecessors and even its namesake. With most of the action taking place in castles, forests, caves, factories, mountains, swamps and numerous other locations, there are very few dungeons to be found at all within the game...
DiRT 3 Review (Score: 9.0/10)
Review by Grizz @ 21st June, 2011
A sequel that doesn’t soil the good name of DiRT...
AFL Review (Score: 5.5/10)
Review by AmosHong @ 15th June, 2011
AFL for the Wii shows promise, and is an improvement over the previous titles, but is severely let down by the presentation and several flaws in the gameplay. The highlight of the game has to be the surprisingly in-depth Career mode.
Review by butters @ 14th June, 2011
The Red Faction franchise has come a long way since the original GeoMod engine and its underutilised level of destruction. Although Armageddon excels in the destruction stakes, combining it with some adrenaline-pumping action and cool special abilities, it leaves you feeling empty with its less-than-enthralling story...
Review by nachosjustice @ 10th June, 2011
Alas, what many had hoped would be a glorious trip down memory lane, is a muddled affair that lacks spit and polish across the board. Hail to the king, baby? No. Sadly, it’s more akin to, ‘Fail to the king, baby.’
Review by KostaAndreadis @ 9th June, 2011
Fun and enjoyment in Hunted applies only to the co-op mode of the game, which thankfully is Hunted’s main selling point and playing the game alone definitely pales in comparison. As a linear path based action game, the design of the levels themselves aren’t exactly memorable nor are the bland visuals. But in co-op, where the fluid controls, half decent mechanics, some basic teamwork, and mindless action elevate what would be decidedly mediocre into something that can be a lot of fun.
inFamous 2 Review (Score: 9.0/10)
Review by Grizz @ 6th June, 2011
Evil will always triumph, because Good is dumb. Infamous 2 turns out to be a fantastic sequel!
Review by KostaAndreadis @ 25th May, 2011
As PC exclusive RPG, The Witcher 2 comes highly recommended, as it provides a compelling and mature story with great combat (eventually), all wrapped up in what is clearly one of the most visually impressive games to be released in a long time.
Fable 3 (PC) Review (Score: 7.2/10)
Review by nachosjustice @ 18th May, 2011
Fable III is at its best on PC, but the gameplay faults that Chad mentioned in the Xbox 360 review are still very much at play here. Despite some welcome attention to detail in this port, it’s still not enough to raise it to the heights of ‘must play’.
L.A. Noire Review (Score: 9.5/10)
Review by Grizz @ 16th May, 2011
Shrewd detective types will have already spotted that L.A. Noire lacks the words "Grand", "Theft" or "Auto" in its title, thereby making any comparison between the two a futile line of investigation. But grill L.A. Noire for an hour and this canary will sing a different song, revealing a modus operandi that shares traits with PC adventure titles like Police Quest.
Gatling Gears Review (Score: 6.5/10)
Review by JamesPinnell @ 13th May, 2011
The debut title from Vanguard Games -- a twin-stick arcade shooter -- Gatling Gears sits you into the capable seat of a very strange looking mech and drops you in the middle of a viscerally intense, steampunk inspired warzone.
Brink Review (Score: 8.2/10)
Review by nachosjustice @ 11th May, 2011
In a nutshell, Brink offers the potential to traverse the digital battlefield in an entirely new way that affords the player more combat options. Couple this with well-balanced classes and the distinct lack of camping equipment, and this is a different breed of first-person shooter: faster, sexier and made for online play.
Review by James Cottee @ 6th May, 2011
Disjointed, numbing, vexing, joyless, and dull, Thor: God of Thunder is the quintessential action movie video game adaptation...
Review by ChadDrake @ 28th April, 2011
I grind my teeth when I realise they release an existing, already established IP as an on rail shooter so I was curious to play what should be a complete gaming experience utilising a gun peripheral and SOCOM is the best you’re going to get in this respect thus far...
Review by nachosjustice @ 27th April, 2011
Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Operation Flashpoint: Red River is how it could have been a more recommendable title with a little bit more spit and polish...
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