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Post by Eorl @ 09:04am 03/09/14 | 10 Comments
Mojang's latest Minecraft update, named the Bountiful Update, has launched today on PC bringing with it a quite large list of improvements, new additions and more to the ever-expanding blocky world.

Version 1.8 has been in development for over 300 days - the longest amount of time to date for any major update. It brings with it some major new additions to the game, such as the underwater Ocean Monument dungeon types plus associated new enemies (Guardians and Ender Guardians) and block types (Prismarine, Sea Lanterns). Half a dozen new dirt and stone types have also been added, along with decorative items such as Banners.

Minecraft will also be populated with Rabbits, which if we go by Monty Python's logic will most likely be the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodents you ever set eyes on. A rare "Killer Bunny" will also be possible to find, most likely a nod to Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

A full changelog can be found on the official website.

minecraftmojangpc updaterabbits
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:07am 03/9/14
Activator rails now knock people out of carts when they pass one.

Time to whip out the ol' automated cart station and make some mods for lulz. Anyone who hasn't played with Redstone in MC has missed out on the better part of the game.
Posted 11:07am 03/9/14
Been waiting for this
Posted 11:15am 03/9/14
So stock Minecraft still doesn't have water pumps?
Posted 11:45am 03/9/14
what do you need water pumps for?
Posted 11:49am 03/9/14
Doubt it Tollz. After watching the development of MC for quite a while, I'm fairly sure they'll just add X creature that may or may not be cute and tameable, add in some new blocks that do almost nothing, fix some bugs and create 5 more.

That seems to be about right.

Sure, don't bother trying to upgrade or fix redstone, add wolves in. Sure. That's what we all need is more f*****g wolves...

*downloads FTB*
Posted 11:53am 03/9/14
ravnos, to pump water silly.
Posted 11:59am 03/9/14
What part of redstone needs upgrading or fixing exactly?
Posted 01:58pm 03/9/14
Give us f*****g Plugin API already. Jesus Christ. It took them almost a year to pump this update out and we didn't get any proper mod API. Who gives a s*** about new mobs and blocks, add that after the goddamn API.
Posted 09:59am 04/9/14
ph33x, was just an example.

But personally, I've found red-stone to be far too simple. They need gates and switches put in and they need to allow you to run it up walls and more.

Basically, to do anything with redstone is cumbersome.

Any mod pack will immediately replace it with electricity of some kind that works 100's of times better.
Posted 10:04am 04/9/14
True, I'd very much like to have redstone run up walls. Maybe also a dark/light redstone so you can run them next to each other without them connecting separate circuits - makes your surface area much smaller.
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