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Post by Eorl @ 09:44pm 14/08/14 | 7 Comments
If you're creeping around a marooned spacecraft being hunted by an alien, you're going to be spending a lot of time in dark rooms staring at a motion scanner, and that's exactly what developer Creative Assembly is hoping for in their upcoming survival-horror Alien: Isolation.

AusGamers' own Nathan "Nachosjustice" Lawrenece was recently given the chance to do just that, taking a good look at just what makes Creative's Alien really tick the scary boxes. From the very creepy atmosphere of being alone to the near-death moments you'll experience, Alien: Isolation is one game you'll want to keep both eyes on.
We really wanted to go back to the sensation of the first film. It’s very upright, very tall, something that looks down on a player, not runs around like angry dogs. It wasn’t any kind of bug or insect. This is the Alien. That’s one of the mantras we had: to re-Alien the Alien, to really reclaim it as the ultimate killer, not just any other generic sci-fi creature. One of the things is to enable the player for the first time to really experience an encounter with that Ridley Scott Alien. We were never going to make lots of different Alien types.”
One thing is for sure, in space, they will hear you scream. Check out the full Alien: Isolation hands-on preview and developer interview for more.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:11pm 14/8/14
Sooo. Worth a pre order?
Or the usual, its great, its aliens. But once brought it feels like you've been rogered by a alien head
Posted 12:18am 15/8/14

Rogered by an alien you say?
Posted 01:22am 15/8/14
Nope i said alien head ;)
That one doesn't have giant banana head to roger you with.
Posted 04:05am 15/8/14
Researchers from IBM, Cornell Tech:

"We are now a step closer to building a computer similar to our brain" said Rajit Manohar, a researcher at Cornell Tech.

The neurosynaptic chip dubbed TrueNorth works to mimic the 'right brain' functions.
It is an astonishing achievement to deliver a chip that emulates the human brain.
Computers may be able to one day combine the 'left brain' machines with the new 'right brain' devices.

(edited for brevity).

Cyber- dyne is a go,could this be beginning of true artificial creatures?
Posted 06:37am 15/8/14
midunno, Do you get anything special for the pre-order that you really want? Is it cheaper to pre-order? If both of these answers are no, then it most certainly isn't worth pre-ordering.
Posted 04:02pm 15/8/14
Dear CA, please don't f*** it up.
Posted 01:09am 17/8/14
Id rather play the original alien. Its only 20/30 bucks depending on where you get it. Ive spent worse on kick starter/ indigogo for less.
You get the Nostromo Missions, which you know they'll flog off for $10 bucks, after.
Im just sick of getting Geigered with this franchise, that i love
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