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Post by Dan @ 09:49am 11/08/14 | 7 Comments
Ukrainian studio 4A Games has been hard at work on making the already visually impressive Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro: Last Light look and play better in a re-release they're calling Metro Redux, and this latest trailer offers a nice overview of those improvements.
Discover how 4A Games have made Metro Redux one of the most complete and ambitious 'remasters' of modern times.

Improved graphics, new game modes and additional content and features make Metro Redux a compelling package for newcomers and Metro fans alike.
Metro Redux is due on August 30th 2014 for PC (Windows and Linux on Steam), and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and can either be purchased as a $49.98 bundle for both games, or Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux indpendently at $24.99 a piece.

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Buy now from Games 101 Only AUD$44.95!
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:06am 11/8/14
Also, if you buy the bundle on Steam, its a 25% discount if you already own one of them and a 50% discount if you own both.
Posted 01:13pm 11/8/14
That's a pretty sweet deal Khel
Posted 01:40pm 11/8/14
The improvements on PC will be so minor.
Posted 06:08pm 11/8/14
4A Games need to take a leaf out of the CD Projekt RED book and deliver this as a free patch instead of trying to screw customers.
Posted 08:06pm 11/8/14
I think "screw customers" is a little harsh considering you already own the product and you are getting loads of extras in this redux version.

its not like Rockstar are going to give away the upcoming GTA5 to previous GTA5 owners for free now are they ?
Posted 09:15pm 11/8/14
4A Games need to take a leaf out of the CD Projekt RED book and deliver this as a free patch instead of trying to screw customers.

Its aimed at the new consoles so it's impossible to just release it as a patch. There really is no reason to replay this on PC if you have already played it on PC.
Posted 12:42am 12/8/14
I would pay full price for the new Metro 2033, the Updated engine and Linux version are enough to justify the price. But the Last Light Redux? that should have been a free patch to all current LL owners.

Even if the new versions are tailored for consoles, the Redux versions will offer features the older ones don't. 4A Games lost all my respect when with the way they handled the Last Light Redux.
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