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Post by Eorl @ 09:30am 11/07/14 | 9 Comments
Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has today revealed that a whopping 3.8 million Chinese players have picked up the buy-to-play MMO since its launch two months ago, an amazing feat for any developer.

According to the numbers posted on Reddit, this means that Guild Wars 2 has more than doubled its global playerbase thanks to the China launch. The last update we got on Guild Wars 2 player counts was back in August 2013, when the figure stood at roughly 3.5 million. Taking into account those figures, its safe to say that Guild Wars 2's global sales have surpassed the 7 million mark.

While it is no doubt a successful story to tell, it is a strange one considering China's love for free-to-play titles. With Guild Wars 2 being a buy-to-play title, whereby an initial box purchase is required then the game is completely free, it is definitely an unusual and very impressive story to tell.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:39am 11/7/14
I find it amazing how this game seems to be selling so amazingly well, and there are heaps of players, yet you never really hear anything about it on the internet, other than news posts like these, which generally have little or no comments.

I don't know what point I'm trying to make, it just strikes me as strange.
Posted 10:19am 11/7/14
i jumped back in last week. felt like another world after a 6 month hiatus. i can't remember what to do, or what is going on!
Posted 11:07am 11/7/14
Yeah, I jumped back in a couple months ago after a reasonably long break. The Living Story stuff is pretty cool, they don't have any qualms about making pretty big lasting changes to the world. I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
Posted 11:20am 11/7/14
I run around in WvW every other night, I enjoy the game but I'm starting to get frustrated by the lack of development in WvW.

The living story stuff is great and even better now that you can "save" it and do it at your leisure but there have been a lot of issues in WvW that have been begging for attention, some of which seem like they would only need a minor fix yet there doesn't seem to be any action on them.
Posted 01:16pm 11/7/14
Yeah, most guild wars 2 comments end up on the official boards rather than elsewhere.

IIRC the chinese launch boxes cost 88 RMB which comes to about 15 AUD, so pretty cheap. But the setup is quite different there, with stuff like legendary weapons being made available directly on the gem shop and a bunch of unique skins released which you can't get if you are in NA/europe.

It will be interesting to see how the chinese launch goes retention wise over the next 12 months or so.
Posted 02:15pm 11/7/14
Really? You can just buy Legendaries? I'd have thought that'd be the one thing that would fit really well with Chinese players' tendencies to play games to death.
Posted 04:56pm 12/7/14
Actually, I could be spouting misinformation. Haven't been able to find a legitimate looking source for it after some searching, so I dunno now. I originally read it in a thread somewhere so it may have just been someone fishing for comments.
Posted 10:33am 13/7/14
i jumped back in last week. felt like another world after a 6 month hiatus. i can't remember what to do, or what is going on!

+1. decided just to make another char and level since endgame confuses me too much
Posted 11:25am 13/7/14
I quit ages ago, the WvW is this never ending repetitive tug of war. I couldnt see the point of it.
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