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Post by Dan @ 10:43am 25/06/14 | 11 Comments
Publisher EA has updated the official Battlefield website with a product overview of the next upcoming content update for Battlefield 4, Dragon's Teeth, describing the four new Asian-themed multiplayer maps - Lumphini Garden, Pearl market, Propaganda, and Sunken Dragon --, and confirming 5 new weapons, 10 assiangments, and the ballistic shield gadget will be included when the DLC lands some time in the next couple of months (Norther Summer 2014).
Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon. Fight among the huge monuments of despots in the grey concrete Propaganda. Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market. Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the blazing infantry battle of Lumphini Garden.
Head over to for more details.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:11am 26/6/14
Poor EA/Dice. First they make an absolute mess of the BF4 beta. Then they release an incomplete "full" release. They offer up "DLC" which is half baked. Their "patching" is mostly ineffectual. They have to live with Visceral using the Battlefield name with their steaming pile. Now more half hearted "DLC".

Go back through your games. Bring back what made THEM good.

I mean, just adding the tracer dart back from BFBC2 would make most of the new flaws forgivable. Not all, but most.

Not to say I've had a lot of the issues some people see. I don't get a lot of the Glass Man issues I had in BF3, but there are still the occasional bs 1HK. I've spent my money, now I just play around the bugs. Once I've racked up >150hrs, I'll be satisfied I have my money's worth and they can do what they like after that.
Posted 09:39am 26/6/14
Each and every person who purchased BF4 and worse yet, pre-ordered, has told EA/Dice that they think what they have done is most excellent and to continue doing it.

Posted 10:06am 26/6/14
Each and every person who purchased BF4 and worse yet, pre-ordered, has told EA/Dice that they think what they have done is most excellent and to continue doing it.

This reminds me how little faith you can have in humanity.

Posted 11:53am 26/6/14
I don't know why anybody is surprised that people do still pre-order and what. MW2's so called PC boycott taught us everything we need to know.
Posted 12:01pm 26/6/14
I pre-ordered BF4 as I really enjoyed BF3, definitely not pre-ordering their next games though.
Posted 12:53pm 26/6/14
Each and every person who purchased BF4 and worse yet, pre-ordered, has told EA/Dice that they think what they have done is most excellent and to continue doing it.

Certainly. But hopefully as a collective, we will one day make a stand. Humanity can't be doomed already.

Now, I'm not naive, this should have been the case BF3->BF4, even BFBC2->BF3. But surely one of these days we will all have a gut full of this and speak out with our wallets. But who am I kidding. This is the internet, we're a mass of complaining consumers, this will never change so I'm wasting my time making such statements.

BF5 is going to have to offer something spectacular for me to debit my digital wallet. And like Python, it will not be through pre-order. I'll let some other schmuck be the beta2 tester.

Though, it's not like any developer is really trying something new to entice our wallets open. Why shouldn't we keep going back for more BF (which even at it's worst, is still better than it's equivalent competitor).
Posted 03:06pm 26/6/14
Release date?
Posted 03:27pm 26/6/14
Audi, didn't you just read? We're making a stand. Stop buying s*** games with your Nutrimetics profits, you need to save that for smack.
Posted 04:10pm 26/6/14
Paid for this over 8 months ago, where's my expansion?
Posted 04:16pm 26/6/14
That's the spirit!
Posted 04:20pm 26/6/14
Yeah I paid for BF4 & Premium, Only played the core game I want my money back
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