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Post by Dan @ 06:45am 11/06/14 | 18 Comments
A new iteration of Nintendo flagship franchise The Legend of Zelda has been teased and promised on the Wii U since before the console's troubled launch, and although it's still not due until next year, the big N has finally let us have a bit of a look.

During its "Play Nintendo E3 Digital Event" the Wii U platform holder introduced Zelda fgurehead Eiji Aonuma to talk about how the team is approaching the series' first outing in high definition, and offered several scenes of in-engine footage.

Vast colourful environments, Link's horse Epona, and a fantasical monster where all on show.

Bizzarely the publisher doesn't appear to have released a standalone trailer for the footage yet (it starts at around 01:05:00 in the full Twitch TV broadcast recording), but IGN has thoughtfully cropped out the relevant section for us on Youtube, check it out below.

Although there's no official title for The Legend of Zelda's first Wii U outing, Nintendo has set 2015 as a release window.

Latest Comments
Posted 06:55am 11/6/14
It looks absolutely stunning.
Posted 07:21am 11/6/14
2015 :( Would have liked some gameplay footage, I guess maybe it's second half 2015??
Posted 08:01am 11/6/14
My question is will they voice the actors or will you be reading what they say?
Posted 08:33am 11/6/14
Holy s*** that looks amazing. Finally an open-world Zelda.
Posted 08:50am 11/6/14
It's lucky I wasn't wearing pants when I watched that video.
Posted 09:21am 11/6/14
It's lucky I wasn't wearing pants when I watched that video.

Where we're going, we won't don't need pants.

Fantastic E3 by the big N. God they're brilliant in panic mode.
Posted 10:50am 11/6/14
Looks amazing, WANT

Posted 11:50am 11/6/14
What's with all the big deal about "open-world"? "Open-world" is just a fancy term for "really big map".
Posted 11:54am 11/6/14
It also implies non-linear progression and exploration. That's the "open" bit.
Posted 11:59am 11/6/14
What's with all the big deal about "open-world"? "Open-world" is just a fancy term for "really big map".

Nah its about the gameplay not really the environment.

Zelda has had an 'open world' by that big-map definition, but since the n64 it has always been a really linear storyline, where you unlocked the next area by completing the last. The 2d Zeldas were much more free. Post-n64, the area mechanics evolved and you needed the gear from the previous to complete the environmental puzzles in the next, and there was lots of working out how to unlock the barrier to get to the next content region in the series. This especially sucked if you got stuck as you couldn't f*** off and do something else for a while really, aside from pretty limited minigames or just riding around on ya horsey.

What a lot of people (myself included) are hoping is that this linear nature opens up more and you have a genuine choice to just get on your horse and ride off somewhere and see what comes up, aside from following the main storyline.
Posted 12:01pm 11/6/14
Posted 12:02pm 11/6/14
Which Aonuma has said he's been actively trying to stray from linearity from which is great. I still haven't got around to ALBW but apparently that does a great job of changing it up a fair bit.
Posted 12:16pm 11/6/14

and to keep things interesting:

The following comes from Mr. Aonuma when he was asked why Link looked so different in the debut Legend of Zelda Wii U trailer.

“No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

You're not going to get any more info than that for now, so that leaves us to speculate! What do you think...was that Link or not?

Posted 12:31pm 11/6/14
It looks absolutely stunning.

Hopefully it translates that well in the actual game...

My question is will they voice the actors or will you be reading what they say?

I hope no voice actors... It's Zelda after all.
Posted 12:36pm 11/6/14
I reckon it was Zelda in the trailer, but I'm eager to see more gameplay because hot damn.
Posted 12:41pm 11/6/14
My question is will they voice the actors or will you be reading what they say?

You can just about guarantee it won't have voice actors. And I'm perfectly happy for it to stay that way.
Posted 04:29pm 11/6/14
God let it be young ganon. Probably not but those bracelet thingies look much like his. The weird thing is Link is wearing similar outfit from Wind Waker but the whole world was flooded. So much land doesn't exist in that time line.
Posted 04:41pm 11/6/14
I doubt it's Ganondorf. Needs darker skin and red hair.
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