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Post by Mass @ 09:40am 21/05/14 | 14 Comments
Microsoft has revealed its latest tablet in the Windows Surface lineup during a press event early this morning, titled Surface Pro 3.

The Surface Pro 3 will feature a rather large 12-inch screen with a 2160x1440 resolution, and the entire tablet will come in at only 9.1mm thickness. Unlike its previous predecessors, the Surface Pro 3 weighs a measly 800 grams, making it far lighter than before.

The big innovation here is in its adaptable "full friction" multi-position kickstand and Type Cover that offer far more comfortable options to rest the tablet at. The kickstand has three different settings including a 150 degree angle-based "canvas mode" while the Type Cover magnetically connects to the screen, so it's more adjustable and sturdy than before. It also features a larger trackpad than previous models and Microsoft is touting the Surface Pro 3 as "The tablet that can replace your laptop."

CPU-wise he Surface Pro 3 will be powered by "the latest Core i7 processors", but this appears to be an optional extra with the Core i5-4300U chip the mid-range choice. Storage options range from 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB SSDs. The new hardware starts at $799 for an entry-level Intel Core i3 version with 64GB SSD and 4GB of RAM, with a Core i5 unit with 8GB and a 256GB SSD costing $1,299. At the highest end of the scale, a Core i7/512GB upgrade costs an eye-watering $1,949. Accessories include a new $130 Type Cover, a $200 docking station and a $40 Ethernet adaptor.

Latest Comments
Posted 04:55pm 21/5/14
You all dismiss the surface and you've never used one, I replaced my laptop with a surface and I've never looked back fantastic piece of hardware!
Posted 04:58pm 21/5/14
Work is replacing all old laptops with Surface Pros. Everyone loves them. I'm still using my old laptop until next month. I'm going to ask for the Surface Pro 3 though.
Posted 05:48pm 21/5/14
I'm after something in more of a Lenovo Yoga form factor, and with slightly more graphics power. Shame that Broadwell (Haswell "tock" successor) was pushed back, that may have been powerful enough. I can't quite find any information about what version GPU the i7 comes with, but if it's Iris/Iris Pro, yay!

With the changed stylus, I'm curious to hear from a digital artist how the new pen performs.
Posted 09:54pm 21/5/14
I don't think the Surface Pros (any of them) are worth the release RRP of $1000+...

However, I picked up a Pro 1 (128GB) on liquidation sale just after the Pro 2 came out for $450 which is a much more reasonable price. It has replaced all my uni textbooks as I only ever use OneNote 2013 with the stylus to write down notes. Very natural after about 20 minutes of practice. Can export my assignments to .pdf and submit them digitally.

Ive got some games on there too; Civ 5 is touch screen optimised and runs quite well on there on low graphics. If I plug in a mouse, it works well for CS:GO, skyrim and Dayz too (the latter at low resolution in windowed mode). Good fun.

Having a full 1920x1080 screen is really awesome for games and movies.

The stylus is really well implemented and sees a lot of use. One of my favourite features.

In short: The surface pro is really cool, but you need to find a good deal on one as its not THAT cool :P
Posted 11:58pm 21/5/14
I have the thinkpad 2 (it uses an atom processor, no where near as fast/powerful as the surface) and I love it

as far as a tool for work goes, it hands down s**** all over an ipad, and with a dock it truly is a powerful WORK tool, (and the simple act of having a full sized USB port helps so much)
Posted 08:59am 22/5/14
The surface pro's are nice (the non pro/ RT ones are to be avoided) and it is the one place where Windows 8 is ok... It feels like one of Windows 8 primary goals was to be an OS for Surface pros.

They are expensive. And while you can plug in a mouse and keyboard to make them better for work, by the time you do all that ... May as well just get a real ultrabook.
Personally I'd take a Mac Air over the Surface pro anyday of the week.
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