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Post by Eorl @ 10:22am 16/05/14 | 1 Comments
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia today announced that following its successful launch in Japan on the 10th of October 2013, the new slimmer PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi model is set to launch in Australia on June 4th.
The new PCH-2000 series takes portable gaming to the next level. By completely redesigning the internal architecture, the new PS Vita system is approximately 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter than the original version, making the entertainment system even easier to carry. In addition, a high-definition liquid crystal display has been newly adopted for the 5-inch front display which is one of the PS Vita’s greatest features.

Thanks to the rapid progress of LCD technology in recent years, the new display provides users with the highest-level image quality that is at the core of PS Vita enabling a deep and immersive gaming experience. There has never been a better time to purchase a PS Vita as most games available on the recently released PlayStation 4 are accessible on PS Vita through Remote Play. With Online Multi Play, users can also connect with friends and enjoy all of the social gaming experiences they know and love through PSNSM.
The new PS Vita slim may be a bit of a hard pill to swallow however, with a suggested price of $269.95 for Australian gamers, a rather higher price in comparison to Nintendo's 3DS and 2DS handheld lineup. The new model will also come included with a 1GB memory card, though users going digital will find that this is rather useless and will need to shell out some serious dollars for their proprietary memory cards.

"SCE Aust. will continue to expand the PS Vita platform with this PS Vita PCH-2000 series, together with a wide variety of attractive game software titles and value for money bundles such as the popular Mega Packs."

Latest Comments
Posted 10:46am 16/5/14
Dammit! Is the the version that charges with MicroUSB? That is my biggest problem with the Vita, I bought one early on and about a year later a slimmer model was released without the propriety connector but Sony said it was a Japan only release. Then the US got it, now it will be here.

For anyone thinking of getting one, get it. It is fantastic and I have dozens of great games only a few of which (Killzone, FIFA, Katamari, Luftrausers, two of which became free and the others will eventually) cost money and the rest have been PS Plus freebies. Instead of deleting and redownloading game they can be backed up to PC, it streams from the PS4, acts as a second screen for most supporting games and is just a great combination of small without sacrificing on graphics. It does miss out on four buttons, one set of shoulder buttons and the sticks don't click, for PS4 these are replicated on the rear touchscreen in case any one had wondered. If you are on the fence go to the PS store and look at the games available, most aren't on store shelves which gives a false impression that it doesn't have many- there are heaps and some are real gems. Some aren't, but what console doesn't have some crap games, especially early on.

If anyone haa any questions just ask, I am happy to answer to get more Vita's out there into loving hands, like adopted puppies.
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