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Post by Eorl @ 01:04pm 15/05/14 | 41 Comments
Blizzard always feels rather generous when it comes to their own birthday celebrations, and Diablo 3 is no exception with the developer announcing an increased 100% drop rate to legendaries for an entire week.

Alongside the legendary buff, players will also receive double Rift Fragments to use. The buff will only be available to players on the Windows PC and Mac editions of the game, but "will apply to all characters and stack with similar bonuses."

The buff will begin at 5PM AEST tonight, and will continue through until Thursday, May 22nd at 12PM AEST.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:10pm 15/5/14
This might be enough to start me playing the game again.
Posted 02:01pm 15/5/14
I think you meant a + 100% drop rate. Not a 100% drop rate.
Posted 02:10pm 15/5/14
Ta Seven, clarified.
Posted 02:11pm 15/5/14
oos*** just 70'd my wiz... time to get some phat loots!! Pew Pew
Posted 06:31am 16/5/14
Posted 07:22am 16/5/14
i wouldn't be so sure of that

last night i did a rift gem run in act1 normal i went into one of the open areas looking fore the cave i needed to go in, i killed 3 elite mobs in the whole area as i ran through and got 3 legs.... on normal
Posted 08:56am 16/5/14
^can someone ban this pest for thread s***ting please^
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:17am 16/5/14
Wow. It feels like Diablo 3 has been out for way longer than 2 years. Happy birthday!
Posted 09:34am 16/5/14
last night i did a rift gem run in act1 normal i went into one of the open areas looking fore the cave i needed to go in, i killed 3 elite mobs in the whole area as i ran through and got 3 legs.... on normal

I got 2 greens on normal too. You referring to the run with us?

We went to T3 rifts after that and among us we proceeded to get at least 30 legs over the course of 2 hours, 3 people.
Posted 09:47am 16/5/14
I got 2 greens on normal too. You referring to the run with us?

yeah that first run we did, the first area i went into

it's funny reading the comments on the bliz forums so many f*****g kids just want every f*****g drop to be a leg, they're like a bunch of spoiled brats

reso is just cranky because he can't find THE BEST BOOTS IN THE GAME sorry bro they don't just give those out like lollies
Posted 10:12am 16/5/14
^can someone ban this pest for thread s***ting please^

He's getting kinda obnoxious lately, prolly time for him to cop a few nukes and sulk for a few weeks again ;)
Posted 10:44am 16/5/14
Did they reduce Spook's post limiter or something?
Posted 10:52am 16/5/14
Since Tuesday's patch, I've gone from having 1 forgotten soul to about 160, plus wearing 5 new legendaries that I wasn't before :D
Posted 11:04am 16/5/14
You get on average 8 rift fragments per act bountry run while the community buff is up as well. I think it's up for about 5 days.

Still pissed about my EQ set. :
Posted 11:15am 16/5/14
yeah i am lost for what to use in place of akarats champion, the new rally rune is almost useless it needs to be a percentage cool down reduction not just 12 seconds across the boad

it also doubled as my escape skill because it used to save you once if you died so you could go toe to toe for a while without the fear of dying and then run when you used that second ball of life if you hadn't won yet

pretty over powered haha
Posted 07:12pm 16/5/14
I think you meant a + 100% drop rate. Not a 100% drop rate.

Thats still wrong. a 1% drop rate +100% =101% drop rate, i.e. every drop is legendary.
Posted 08:45pm 16/5/14
In D3, it's a multiplier pool that sits on top of the actual item drop rate. Any percentage you get on gear or bonuses adds to that pool which is why it's considered +% in this instance. 'Adding' to the pool.

Eg: Torment 6 has a +1600% xp drop rate. On top of that you can have +200% from gear. An item might have a 1% locked drop rate, which is now 1% x 1800% = 18%. (It's actually 19% because on normal mode the multiplier is actually 0%, in this case not affecting the items locked drop rate at all).
Posted 11:13pm 16/5/14
I only had 1 leg and 1 leg plan drop tonight. wasn't much of an increase from the usual for me, which is fine. I like the steady flow of them that drop and am pretty happy regardless.
also started my 3rd hc wd tonight after I lost the last one cos I turned to watch the footy a few weeks ago and got pwned :(
should've known better, I was cranky as f*** about it so gave it a break for a bit :P
Posted 05:29pm 17/5/14
ok blizzard i can forgive you for nerfing akarats champion:


found so much cool s*** today, it's been dropping like crazy
Posted 08:33pm 17/5/14
Seen other people dropping like crazy, still feels like 1 an hour here.
Posted 08:37pm 17/5/14
i've been doing t4 rifts and getting probably 3 or 4 leg's a rift at least

some even more
Posted 08:43pm 17/5/14
Just did 5 rifts on T3, not a single legendary. Spent all my shards, nothing from Kadala either. Yerrrp.
Posted 10:33am 18/5/14
I'm reaching that firstworldproblem of not having enough stash space. I've already cleaned out a ton of legs denoted by the fact I have 200 Forgotten Souls on top of all this.

Gonna suck checking it all out. I've had to create another toon to take some of the overflow.

Posted 03:03pm 19/5/14
"Gonna suck checking it all out."

Implication being you don't look at the time? Almost as if you weren't at the pc when it drops ?
Posted 04:16pm 19/5/14
you have 3 IK helmets there, can you not tell when you pick the items up which one is better than turf the s****** one?
Posted 06:13pm 19/5/14
you have 3 IK helmets there, can you not tell when you pick the items up which one is better than turf the s****** one?

With one of the two I can. I'm going to set up a second barb with a full blown EQ only set for T6 farming. One IK piece has less EQ damage, but more resist/life, which is great for party runs where I am standing there killing s*** with everyone. When I'm solo though I'll use the other set - and it's becoming a pain in the ass changing my build every half an hour.

Implication being you don't look at the time? Almost as if you weren't at the pc when it drops ?

Yes. - No.

I find it more fun just smashing as many rifts as I can fit legs into my stash then checking it all in one go. This way multiple upgrades will make the character actually feel more powerful and not just give me 'another 1%' - each to their own. Botting in D3 is a bit stupid at this gear and paragon level.

I've found lately that people are shooting themselves over salvaging items they once thought were useless but turned out the opposite. I'm no different: There is an item which makes you take no damage while casting Town Portal. I was like "Pff, Town Portal gear will never be used in a build so I don't need this" and it turns out that solid EQ barbs are using it to becoming invincible while they wait for their next EQ. The s***tiest perceivable item in the game yet now I need it and probably won't see another for a very long time.

Funnily enough, I also only recently worked out the idea behind Unity ring and soloing (shows how much I solo in this game). I've only ever kept one ring, and 4 days ago I worked out I needed two, and now a second won't drop.
Posted 06:14pm 19/5/14
haha i've got a set of those in my stash i think, can't remember if i forged them
Posted 11:54pm 19/5/14
Can you give items to other plays in public games? I'll kindly take some of that off your hands! ;)
Posted 09:04am 20/5/14
^ At the time of it dropping yeah. I've passed out a fair chunk of gear. :)

Anyone at T4 level or higher is welcome to join in for some matches. Add Tagre#1239
Posted 09:19am 20/5/14
They really need to keep this buff as permanent. Even though it's still mostly rubbish, seeing a star on the mini map makes the game much more rewarding.
Posted 01:28pm 20/5/14
Lost my lvl 70 para 26 Barb last night doing rifts on T1.

Posted 02:39pm 20/5/14
No good dude. :(

I can't do hardcore for this reason. Also I like D3 only for the MP. Would be a s*** night if my 3 mates were killed and I was left with no group.
Posted 02:53pm 20/5/14
yeah have to admit you can't play HC multiplayer which makes it more of a grind and less fun.
Posted 03:15pm 20/5/14
can't play hardcore multiplayer?

just because of the increase in enemy strength?
Posted 03:30pm 20/5/14
Yeah Kappa. With no AH and no trading the drop rates seem about right.
Posted 03:38pm 20/5/14
I guess you can play on a much lower level but a) not many people play HC particularly at a higher level so you have to play with randoms if you were to play HC. There is just much more unpredictability in playing HC multiplayer so it's just much easier to avoid it.
Posted 09:01pm 20/5/14
The patch is making me sad.

I got a super nice Tall Mans Finger.
6x Big Dog! uber for single targets.

Now I just need to balance it with some form of horde control.
Posted 11:31pm 20/5/14
So many items in your stash I have never even seen before.

I've gone paragon 53-359 since patch 2.0 came out and have everything at 70, so it's not like I don't play =P
Posted 09:34am 21/5/14
Yep. I try to keep one of everything that has a proc on it.

I got a decent unity off a friend last night. It's got Int on it but the remaining stats are good rolls so once I convert it to Str my T6 build is almost complete. Now just need hexing pants and, apparently, Harringtons belt.

F*****g server shutdowns ruin Tuesdays.
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