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Post by Dan @ 11:02am 12/05/14 | 9 Comments
In a recent update to its online services shutdown listing, publisher Electronic Arts has signaled a June 30th 2014 shutdown for the online services for the PC and Mac versions of classic miltary shooters Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam, and Battlefield 2142. The more recent Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is notably absent from the list.

The move is presumably related to the pending shutdown of Gamespy services, which many classic EA games were built around, however the publisher had previously indicated that it was "working on transitioning those games after the shut down so you'll still be able to play them", so its a midly concerning to see their names appear among a bunch of other titles headed for multiplayer mothballing.

Game servers for all classic Battlefield games on PC are publicly hostable, so no manner of shutdown is going to affect LAN play or directly connecting to online multiplayer servers, but the master list that powers the in-game server browsers, and features like the persistent unlocks and stat tracking in the later games are all still dependent on EA-hosted infrastructure.

We've reached out to EA and DICE for more clarification on the expected future of these old Battlefield games.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:18am 12/5/14
EA suck balls.
Posted 11:25am 12/5/14
Isn't this related to gamespy being shutdown?
Posted 11:36am 12/5/14
So long as we can create a server ourselves and manually connect to it in 1942, that's fine.

That's assuming people still play 1942. I haven't played any of them since then... I tried playing 3 on PS3 but it made me want to drive the controller through my eye socket.
Posted 12:55pm 12/5/14
long live bf2
Posted 01:02pm 12/5/14
Raven, I don't think that most people know that 1942 is free now. Has been for aaaages.

Personally, I think the Desert Combat mod should get a resurgence. That mod is a better game than BF4 still imo.
Posted 03:28pm 12/5/14
I agree 100% WirlWind, I think the most fun I ever had in the entire Battlefield series was with Desert Combat...

With Vietnam and 2142 coming in close second and third.
Posted 03:35pm 12/5/14
1942 Was just a good fun game, a little bit wobbly, but fun. Wake Island <3
Posted 04:09pm 12/5/14
You can use GameRanger for a server browser for BF1942. Project Reality and Forgotten Hope mods for BF2 will stay live as the Realitymod team apparently have created a master server of their own and their next patch will straight up bypass the login situation.
Posted 04:13pm 12/5/14
Even I didn't know that about BF1942.
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