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Post by Eorl @ 11:32am 09/05/14 | 5 Comments
Developer Carbine Studios has kindly reminded us that the open beta for their sci-fi MMO WIldStar is now officially open, allowing any and all players to jump into the world of Nexus.

Players can expect a cap level of 30 for this open beta, alongside two new zones being opened up for said cap level plus an assortment of new abilities to try and enemies to blow up with cool space guns. A rather large list of patch notes for the open beta can be found over here, which includes some new UI changes to video settings, small class fixes and a handful of bug fixes.

Of course it wouldn't be an open beta milestone without some form of trailer material to celebrate said milestone. Find the story trailer below which reminds us that WildStar actually does have a menacing backstory besides cool hoverboards and small rodent Chua.

Open beta will be available for the next 10 days, so get in while its hot!

(compare all prices)

Latest Comments
Posted 03:15pm 09/5/14
My ex-WoW and ex-SWTOR and ex-FF14 crew have switched to this, I really like it and will be playing it, run great too helps when you have a heap of mates already in an MMO
Posted 05:06pm 09/5/14
It makes me sad cause whenever I have to logoff from wildstar I get the "f*** I want to keep playing" feeling and not many games give me that amount of fun
Posted 05:11pm 09/5/14
64-bit only during beta, fantastic.

I can't afford to upgrade.
Posted 10:21am 10/5/14
I've been playing this through. Only got to level 9 and my region quest is bugged and I'm not sure where to go now :/
Posted 11:21am 10/5/14
Doh :( I guess just explore a bit, should be able to find the next quest hub nearby. Maybe /bug it too, they're generally pretty good at fixing bugs when they're found. Could try checking the forums too in case there's a workaround or a way to unbug it.
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