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Post by Eorl @ 03:06pm 08/05/14 | 13 Comments
Survival sandbox game The Stomping Land will soon be hitting Steam Early Access thanks to its recent Greenlight movement, developer Alex Fundora has annoucned.

Powered by Unreal Engine, the multiplayer survival sim sees players roaming a sandbox while hunting smaller dinosaurs with their bow, fishing in lakes and gathering food to outlast each day. It’s been Greenlit on Steam, with an early access trial coming on May 23 for Kickstarter backers, while non-backers can buy in from May 30 at $24.99.

The initial dinosaurs waiting to kill you or serve as your food will be the Styracosaurus, Carnotaurus, Gallimimus, Puertasaurus, Helicoprion, Ankylosaurus and Stygimoloch, with more species set to roll out over time. The Stomping Ground will launch with one environment called Capa Island, which is smaller than the game’s previously-shown Wayneth Island setting.

Players be wary though, there is no magical inventory system in this one so don't expect to place that freshly cut wood into a void of nothing, you'll have to use your arms. Items that you'll be able to craft include pole vaults, torches, traps and more, with caves littered around the map for players to take shelter in.

For more on the title, check it out in action below or through the official website which includes a run down of the first island players will be able to explore. Jurassic Park meets DayZ is truly happening.

Buy now from SteamUK Only GBP£24.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:17pm 08/5/14
Joaby is going to love this one.
Posted 05:18pm 08/5/14
The graphics also look prehistoric.

Very fond memories of Turok 64. Those were the days.
Posted 05:23pm 08/5/14
Yeah reminds me of Turok 64. good times and great era of gaming i have to say
Posted 05:28pm 08/5/14
Turok 64 was definately one of a kind, I've been hanging out for a awesome dinosaur game.

Occulus Rift
Unreal 4 Engine
FPS/Survival Horror

I think those three things would make a dinosaur game great.
Posted 06:56pm 08/5/14
And really great AI too is needed graphics and immersion is all good but you need to capture that predator/prey characteristics that is what would set it apart and make for a great game
Posted 07:33pm 08/5/14
i thinik im going to wait and see how this reviews after its had some beta time - ive had enough early access games for a bit
Posted 10:31pm 08/5/14
Haha, gives me awesome memories of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter


Good to see they're not breeding raptors..
Posted 11:16pm 08/5/14
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

i remember that, one of the worst games ive ever played.
Posted 08:01am 09/5/14
I've been following it for agggeeessss (I backed it the second it hit kickstarter, so obviously I'll never review it) and it looks like the AI is going to be great. You can lure dinos with other dinos, distract them, trap them, all kinds of s***. I'm so freaking amped for this game. All I've ever wanted was a game like DayZ with dinosaurs.

Well, that and a first person game where you're a dinosaur, and you roam around the world being a dinosaur trying to do dinosaur stuff.
Posted 02:17pm 09/5/14
Well, that and a first person game where you're a dinosaur, and you roam around the world being a dinosaur trying to do dinosaur stuff.

Word of TRex because no one would play a Diplodocus.
Posted 02:55pm 09/5/14
Can you catch one and make it your pet and rid it and s***?
Posted 03:09pm 09/5/14
Can you catch one and make it your pet and rid it and s***?

Yeah that's the whole traversal system in a nutshell. I share Joaby's enthusiasm on this, can not wait to play out Jurassic Park but in a survival aspect of DayZ.
Posted 04:23pm 09/5/14

Word of TRex because no one would play a Diplodocus.

In my imagination you'd start out as a raptor teaming up with other raptors to attack herbivores and you'd slowly unlock other dinosaurs as you play. Eventually you unlock the T-Rex, and once you beat the game as a T-Rex you can be a Human on the island full of dinos.

And then I'd release the herbivore hard-mode DLC pack.

Or I'd make you a compy at the start and you can only be a bigger dinosaur if you pay me $40 for each dino. But that's the ipad game variant.
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