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Post by Eorl @ 11:58am 07/05/14 | 6 Comments
While World of Warcraft's current subscription count may have dropped to a new low of 7.6 million active subscribers, the count is still high when it comes to pre-order numbers for the MMO's next expansion.

During today's Activision Blizzard earnings call, developer Blizzard revealed that the upcoming expansion Warlords of Draenor has already pre-sold 1 million copies. The expansion is set to introduce the new Draenor zone alongside increasing the level cap to 100 and adding a fair chunk of new content in the way of new character models, Garrisons, raids and dungeons.

Along with the pre-order number update, Blizzard also noted that they will be expanding their World of Warcraft development team in order to accelerate content creation. Hopefully with this development expansion Blizzard will be able to keep up with content demand among players, unlike the current drought of content that players are experiencing now.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is scheduled to release sometime by December 20th this year.

Latest Comments
Posted 06:07pm 07/5/14
And I'm one of them.
Posted 06:24pm 07/5/14
So much for their next big mmo Titan. Played WoW since BC and tbh I don't understand why Aussies still keep supporting a game that isn't designed for them. They have servers everywhere but in the oceanic region despite years of us pleading for at least one. Blizzard can kiss my arse.
Posted 06:25pm 07/5/14
I'm guessing this is just digital ones? I've put some money down on a physical collectors edition
Reverend Evil™
Posted 08:06pm 07/5/14
I paid for the digital deluxe upgrade. Cant be bothered with boxed stuff anymore. Having heaps of useless crap that I'll look at once and never again.

Although I screwed up royally with the free lvl 90 boost. Figured I'd boost my lvl 15 warrior and I look thru my professions to make sure they boosted too. Well, it seems you need to be lvl 60 for the professions to boost. So Blizzard sure showed me who's boss. Now I have a lvl 90 that I couldn't be bothered playing because I don't wanna have to go back and start from scratch learning BS and mining.

So just a warning if you're boosting a toon and want your professions to max out. You have to be at least lvl 60 or it won't werk. And Blizzard conveniently left that off the page that tells you what you get. You need to do a search thru their site to another page that has nothing to do with the boost page where you pay. I'm not bitter at all.
Posted 08:12pm 07/5/14
It's clearly signposted in the boosting process that you need to be level 60 to get the professions boosted.
Reverend Evil™
Posted 08:16pm 07/5/14
Yeah, right at the very end if you mouse over the icon. I don't stop for stuff like that. I just click. Would have been nicer if it was posted before the final click after you've logged into the game. Anyway, I'm over it, lol.

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