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Post by Eorl @ 09:29am 07/05/14 | 20 Comments
WildStar developer Carbine Studios has today announced that those eager to get their hands on the sci-fi MMO ahead of its June launch will be able to do just that starting tomorrow with the launch of Open Beta, without the need for a beta code to gain entry.

Players jumping into the open beta will find the level cap has increased to level 30 now, offering even more content to wet your MMO appetite. The level 30 increase will offer two new zones for players to wander around and kill things, plus two new abilities, a new ability slot and extra tier points to test until your heart is content. If you have already participated in any other WildStar beta event, including beta weekends and stress tests, you don’t need a new key. Just patch up, and you’re good to go.

For more on the details head to the official page, which also includes a brief breakdown of the two new zones level 30 players will gain access to. WildStar will be launching June 3rd for PC. For more on WildStar why not check out our recent preview on the "Road to WildStar" which covers all things PvE of Carbine's upcoming MMO.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:52am 07/5/14
Game is fantastic.
Nothing more to say than that.
Posted 10:24am 07/5/14
Keen to give this a try, totally forgot about that last beta weekend. Downloaded the whole game and everything in preparation but wasn't until Monday that I remembered about it.
Posted 10:25am 07/5/14
Yeah, its pretty sweet, I'm torn over whether I want to play Engineer or Spellslinger at launch :S

Also, a player made a skatepark for the hoverboards using the housing stuff

Posted 11:49am 07/5/14
couldn't make it out of the starter area. it was so boring and laggy. :/
Posted 11:55am 07/5/14
Yeah, starter area is s*** :( I dunno if they have plans to address that, but it really doesn't make a good first impression, and its been raised as an issue by lots of people. Hope they do something about it or they're going to turn off a lot of people who don't know much about the game and jump in to try it out. I got pretty annoyed at the starter bits myself first time I played through them and almost gave it up, but I had watched videos of some of the gameplay from dungeons and stuff that came later and that looked really fun so I pushed on. Glad I did cos it gets a lot better, but yeah, its a huge, HUGE problem :(
Posted 12:01pm 07/5/14
Yeah, its pretty sweet, I'm torn over whether I want to play Engineer or Spellslinger at launch :S

I played engineer for a while... but now that I have tried the Espser, I think ill be playing that for launch.

also agreed about the starting area, at least when it comes to dominion. the exiles starting area is a bit better, cause from the beging there is s*** happening all around you as opposed to dominion where you clicking on people... then clicking on things in the temple.. the music is epic in there though.
Posted 04:00pm 07/5/14
so what server are people gonna be playing on, for exiles?
Posted 05:54pm 07/5/14
Final server list for launch hasn't been released yet, but for beta cassus is the unofficial oceanic one
Posted 01:56am 08/5/14
Pre-ordered but yet to jump into any of the betas. I prefer to wait for a full release.

But in saying that, damn I'm getting antsy, from what I've seen and heard this is a MMO killer for me.
Posted 06:44am 08/5/14
I only play an MMO in beta long enough to know that I will enjoy it for at least a few months, otherwise you're just playing through the same content you'll be playing through at release. I've seen a lot of videos of Wildstar, and played to about level 7, and that was enough for me to preorder it.
Posted 08:38am 08/5/14
Yeah, I've been playing Exile in beta, but will probably play Dominion on launch, so less repetition. Theres a level cap on the beta anyway though (think its 30 for open beta), so you're not going to be able to ruin everything even if you did go nuts and play it heaps.

I'm hoping in the final launch server list they tag a server as Oceanic, just so there'll be a server with a decent concentration of people from our timezone.
Posted 10:43am 08/5/14
Speak of the devil, this was just tweeted by one of the devs

Posted 10:47am 08/5/14
awesome, Ill be on the PVP server.
also I am really looking forward to 40 man raids again :-)
Posted 10:58am 08/5/14
I have no desire to be on a PVP server, so I'll be on the PVE one. I like structured PVP and not world PVP (aka shameless ganking).
Posted 11:37am 08/5/14
I'm a little annoyed at myself that I bothered to pre-order. I won't be in the country for the 3 days headstart... I won't even be back till 3 days AFTER launch :(
Posted 11:48am 08/5/14
Oh, the other thing to mention, if you're in beta and intending to play the game at launch, you should try and log in during as many days of the beta as you can. For every day you've logged in during beta weekends or during open beta, you will get three loot boxes (or Boom boxes as they're calling them) at launch. They can contain mounts, housing stuff, costumes and a bunch of other things.
Posted 12:42pm 08/5/14
khel, does that apply for the open beta? or was that just something they were doing during the closed beta.. like the hover board.
Posted 12:59pm 08/5/14

It applies for open beta as well, its for the pre-order beta weekends and open beta.

Heres the thread about it on their forums:

Posted 11:05pm 08/5/14
Also, a player made a skatepark for the hoverboards using the housing stuff

sold, take my money now.
I had a crack at a closed beta a while back and found it pretty standard, however because of that I hardly scratched the surface. I will be having another more involved go at at it for sure.
Posted 06:32am 09/5/14
Yeah, you get your house at level 14, and can do the first bit of group content (an adventure, sort of like a WoW scenario but less linear) at 15. You can zone into the first set of dungeons at 17, but can't queue for them using the LFG tool till 20.

I know its a lame defense, and I've chipped games myself for taking too long to get going and not being good from the start, but it really does come into its own from 15 onwards and when you start doing dungeons and stuff. Just wish it was that good from the beginning =\
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