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Post by Eorl @ 01:20pm 02/05/14 | 8 Comments
After running a closed beta where pretty much anyone who joined the Steam group was guaranteed an invite, Valve has finally opened up the In-Home Streaming feature to any and all with a Steam account.

For those who may have been living under several rocks since its announcement last year, Steam's In-Home Streaming option will allow users to stream their favourite games across to other devices, providing your network is up to scratch. The system utilises your local network (thus, In-Home) and can offer a gateway to more mobile gaming where your beefy desktop computer can stream some BioShock Infinite to any compatible device.

To gain access to the open beta all you need to do is have a Steam account and opt into the Steam Client Beta across all devices. For more on what Steam In-Home Streaming is check out the official page.

Latest Comments
Posted 01:44pm 02/5/14
has anyone tried this?

is it good?
Posted 01:50pm 02/5/14
Whst? I was in the steam group and never got an invite :/
Posted 02:02pm 02/5/14
I'm not sure if it was my s***** network but when I tried using this feature I was getting about 3 fps, and I haven't tried it since.
Posted 02:48pm 02/5/14
Same as monkeez, tried and was getting 10 fps.
Posted 08:03pm 02/5/14
I stream Next Car Game, streaming at 1980*1080 I get 30fps over a gigabit network. I also stream goat simulator, civ 5 and diablo 3. They work very well.
Posted 08:20pm 02/5/14
Wireless ... don't bother, the latency made me physically sick.

Wired: Tried DarkSiders 2, PainKiller, Arkham City and DMC. I found they all worked well apart from Arkham City which would occasionally lose the plot and stop outputting audio via the stream and instead play on the main pc. This was using a guest computer running the windows steam client. Currently playing Rayman Origins via streaming and finding it a lot of fun. Helps that the game has a great aesthetic.

I didn't really notice any delay, but my mate who plays on his 120hz monitor said he could feel a slight delay which bugged him with Painkiller and DMC.
Posted 12:29am 03/5/14
tried it over the VPN in the hope to get my old brother into gaming

was a no go :(

it's a bloody great idea - by our network connections aren't nearly good enough to keep up with the tech

// (( ...and maybe I could get it working over a VPN :P ))
Posted 08:16am 05/5/14
koopz, people have it working over VPN, unfortunately you need an amazing connection both ends for it.
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