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Post by Eorl @ 03:42pm 01/05/14 | 5 Comments
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and Foxtel have today announced that the Foxtel Play app is now available to all PlayStation 4 console users.
Following its recent launch on PlayStation, Foxtel Play is the latest addition to the already impressive portfolio of digital entertainment services available on the PlayStation 4 system, which already includes Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Quickflix, IGN, and VidZone. With the arrival of Foxtel Play, PS4 owners can take advantage of Foxtel’s amazing expanse of programming that ranges from drama, entertainment, documentary and movie channels live or on catch-up.
Those looking to find some more legitimate ways of getting access to Game of Thrones soon after its aired in the US will need a PlayStation ID and a valid Foxtel PLay subscription to take part in the digital service.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:49pm 01/5/14
It's not HD though correct?
Posted 04:21pm 01/5/14
Good question, though the press release doesn't answer that. I'm going to say yes for now, but I'll check back when I get a proper answer.
Posted 05:05pm 01/5/14
same as the Xbox one by the look of it.

would like to use some of these things but unfortunately my speeds make it painful.

"Broadband Internet connection with minimum speed of at least 3Mbps required."
Posted 05:12pm 01/5/14
Yeah sadly its all SD according to PR rep.
Posted 10:41pm 01/5/14
Dont need Foxtel. XBMC killed the need.
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