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Post by Eorl @ 12:21pm 30/04/14 | 8 Comments
Its that time of the week again where we give out an enormous amount of beta keys, this time for another WildStar beta weekend.

Thanks to folks at Carbine Studios and Reboot PR we have a staggering amount of keys to throw at your virtual faces, so drop what you are doing and go grab one before they flee from the Internet tubes.

What's WildStar you say? Well why not swing by our hands-on beta impression to find out all the goss, including a look at the rather awesome looking PvE (PvP coming soon!). If that doesn't satisfy your thirst for more, head over to our game page for all the info or check out the latest DevSpeak video on PvP Warplots below. Well, what are you waiting for? CLICK ME!

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:19pm 30/4/14
Cool I'm keen to check this game out. I've heard mixed reports however.
Posted 02:26pm 30/4/14
Don't judge it on the starting zones, they're awful. I get the feeling they were maybe some of the first bits of the game made, and have never been re-iterated upon or something, because they're genuinely so bad it almost turned me off the game (and a few friends from wow I've talked to who tried it last beta weeked, it did turn them off, they didn't even get out of the starter areas before giving up).

In a way I can *kind* of understand the rationale, since its content you'll blow through in like an hour and never really touch again, and they've been pouring a lot of resources into making a decent amount of level cap zones and endgame content which is the stuff you'll end up spending the vast majority of time on, but on the other hand, it seems like something that would have been worth spending a bit more time on since its the first taste new players will be getting of the game and is what might sway them into buying it or not.

Its a shame, cos its the stuff thats going to make a first impression on new players, but once you get out of those areas and into the first real zone it improves drastically. And once I got to the first 5 man dungeon, I was sold. Just wish it made a better first impression.
Posted 05:17pm 30/4/14
Starting area (on the ship then the first zone) is basically an easy tuturial then you get into the big zones though TBH I still enjoyed the starter zones.

I find it hilarious that WoW players say WS's starter zones are bad...really wow..really? :P
Posted 05:54pm 30/4/14
I got a key. I don't think Ill like it. The visual style displeases me but it might grow on me if I like the gameplay.
Posted 06:56pm 30/4/14
Thankyou for key. Have played previous betas and so far I'm not sold, but I think they are doing a really good job with the backend of the game (support, feedback, infrastructure etc). I haven't really played enough to fully critique the game so keen to explore some more.
Posted 08:06pm 30/4/14
Starting area (on the ship then the first zone) is basically an easy tuturial then you get into the big zones though TBH I still enjoyed the starter zones.

I find it hilarious that WoW players say WS's starter zones are bad...really wow..really? :P

Regardless of the quality of similar zones in other MMOs though, it doesn't make the Wildstar ones any more or less crap. Its hardly a radical opinion, a lot of people who I've talked to through the beta share it, and its been brought up a fair few times as feedback. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Wildstar, I'm really impressed with the game, but it didn't actually impress me until I was out of those first couple of starter zones, ie the ship and the little zone that comes after the ship.

I had watched videos of groups running Stormtalons Lair and Ruins of Kel'voreth before I played beta, and thats what actually got me hyped about the game, because the gameplay I saw in those dungeon runs looked awesomely fun. When I started playing though, the experience I got through the first 10 levels or so didn't at all match up with my expectations and it was really jarring, it almost made me give up on the game and I mean I was already more invested in it by that point and more informed of what was to come than the average person just trying it out would be.

I don't criticise the starting experience because I don't like the game or want to s*** on it, its because I genuinely wish they'd improve it so more people are likely to pick up and stick with the game, because if you do stick through those awkward early levels it really is a hell of a lot of fun (well, thats subjective I guess, but I've been having a hell of a lot of fun with it).
Posted 09:51am 01/5/14
can we use the same key that we got in the last ausgmers give away like 2 weeks ago
Posted 09:52am 01/5/14
Sadly no Shade, each key only works per weekend.
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