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Post by Eorl @ 11:59am 29/04/14 | 5 Comments
Valve has announced that major changes will soon be hitting their hugely popular free-to-play MOBA Dota 2, in what has been conveniently dubbed as the "Spring Cleaning" update.

Players can expect a variety of tweaks and changes to the game's Heroes, items, gameplay modes, nonplayable characters and more. In addition to dozens of bug fixes and some user interface tweaks, Valve has made substantial changes to many Dota 2 Heroes. With the list spanning at the very least 10 pages, hero changes include Anti-Mage's Mana Void AoE increased from 450 to 500, Axe's Counter Helix now uses Pseudo Random chance and even more general changes like Beastmaster's base damage increased by 4.

It isn't just heroes that are getting the dust off, with items also gaining some much needed changes. Examples include Shadow Blade's active Shadow Walk ability lasts two seconds longer, Mjollnir's damage has been reduced by 10, and the courier respawns 40 seconds faster. Other changes include new treasures available in the store, Meepo being removed from Ability Draft mode and the ability to now cancel Town Portal Scroll.

Those eager to see if their hero or favourite item has been cleaned well or left dusty can head over to the official website for the entire patch notes. Let us know in the comments on your thoughts, and if you are still playing Dota 2.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:17pm 29/4/14
yeah i still play dota, i do love it, but only when i am playing with friends, which i find hard to do :(
Posted 12:19pm 29/4/14
lots of changes - not bad.
Posted 02:21pm 29/4/14
These changes are so good, it's about damn time although i can see Witch Doctor in every game now.
Posted 04:19pm 29/4/14
Huskar is going to be pub stomp star. Maybe even Kotl.
Posted 05:14pm 29/4/14
Burning Spears is no longer a Unique Attack Modifier


He will be, as if he isn't already.
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