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Post by Eorl @ 10:46am 16/04/14 | 7 Comments
EA has sent word that DICE's third expansion for military FPS Battlefield 4 is now live for non-premium members across all platforms, a few weeks after the initial premium member launch.

Naval Strike brings four new maps with some watery themes, ten assignments, five new weapons, two gadgets and of course a hovercraft to manoeuvre around on. The expansion also features a new Carrier Assault mode, a remake of the classic Titan mode from Battlefield 2142 in which players will fight to sink the opposing sides ship while keeping their own afloat.

Premium members gained access to the DLC on March 25th, though PC and Xbox One players had to endure a slight delay due to some severe bugs popping up. Those interested in grabbing the DLC will find it available at $14.99, and is now available across all platforms. Check out the launch trailer below to see it in action.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:50pm 16/4/14
Does anyone know where I can get a good description/tutorial for Carrier mode? I have played it once and I felt that capturing missile launchers would fire on the carrier to eventually destroy it, the more you hold, the faster it goes down, but feel that this would be too simple. Maybe I am expecting too much complexity.
Posted 01:00pm 16/4/14
^^ thats exactly it, but when the carrier gets to low health it cracks open and u and your team need to move in and destroy 2 objectives 2 win.
Posted 02:11pm 16/4/14
How big is the interior? Does it become a massive firefight as opponents all switch to defence or do they remain attacking your carrier in the hope it will be destroyed? Or, more likely, does everyone keep doing whatever they feel like? I imagine if an attacking team could breach a carrier some groups would be wise to stay behind and hold the capture points or else the defenders could grab them all and smash the attackers carrier.

Sounds like it could be pretty tense if everybody was playing based on the rules rather than (like some Conquest rounds I have been on) turning into a pseudo-TDM. A mate of mine blames it in on disillusioned COD fans who left the series but kept the tactics of a game that does not play the same.
Posted 04:23pm 16/4/14
It's normally an unorganised mess with both teams doing what they want, join a clan if you want organised battles
Posted 01:51am 17/4/14
The main issue with carrier assault are;

The indication of the carrier being open is not good enough. Frequently you're playing and then all of a sudden notice it's already open.

People don't know how to play the mode and are wasting too much time attacking and defending flags when both carriers are open. I have played rounds where I am the only person defending my teams carrier.

The inside of the carrier is too simple. It's way too simple and isn't designed well. This also extends to the domination round on lost islands in the carrier. DICE literally spent no time designing it. It's literally the quality you'd expect in a game from 10 or so years ago.
Posted 09:30am 17/4/14
Carrier assault sucks, much rather just play normal conquest.

AC130 ruins carrier assault because there aren't any planes to take it down so you need a few people using the SRAW. You can parachute onto the carrier (LOL) as well. It's just a waste, played it for 1 day then went back to conquest.
Posted 12:53pm 17/4/14
Carrier Assault can be lots of fun, but it's just poorly designed.

You need a good server with people that can actually play the game though.
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