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Post by Eorl @ 05:19pm 15/04/14 | 36 Comments
It is never easy reviewing an MMO, and it's even more difficult when its one so vast as The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online's newest MMO take on the already expansive single-player series. The difficulty comes about because the environment of an MMO is never as static as a single-player title. Content evolves, expansions release and patches can change the very nature of how you play.

So, to help us take a look into the world of Tamriel and what it holds for both old and new fans of the Elder Scrolls world is our own MMO guru James Pinnell, who finds that while the game may have a hard time translating the single-player aspects, it does a good job at bringing to the table a unique and interesting take on the MMO genre.
If you’re a diehard fan of TES lore, there is certainly more than enough here to keep your invested. But the lack of new mechanics, interesting side activities, buggy combat and generic PVE does not help its case. Under the surface, not enough has changed to the formula that separates The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or established properties, and I would find it genuinely hard to recommend to anyone seeking an experience outside of a cosy, well presented, box.
Read on for the full review of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:44pm 15/4/14
PVP is great fun but combat is laggy, glitchy and slow?
Posted 06:26pm 15/4/14
Once you get used to the Combat, which you do, you can work with it. The PVP game mode is genuinely great fun, especially since you're fighting people who are using the same mechanisms as you.
Posted 07:12pm 15/4/14
Back to WoW.
Posted 07:22pm 15/4/14
Loving the combat, so refreshing from previous MMO's of tab target hit button. Latency isn't too bad on Telstra cable, get roughly 150ms (200 on a bad day) and haven't noticed it lagging per say. I think this game does really well in capturing the Elder Scrolls essence of the single-player games, and by god does it capture the amazing feeling of exploring Tamriel.

Also, this is definitely a game you want to play with friends. I have about 15 of us all together and its way more fun than anything else.
Posted 07:46pm 15/4/14
You know what else does really well in capturing the Elder Scrolls essence of the single-player games? Skyrim :p
Posted 07:47pm 15/4/14
except skyrim doesn't have multiplayer.
this is coop skyrim. somewhat.
Posted 08:50pm 15/4/14
I prefer the standard MMO type combat instead of the hybrid style.
Posted 09:31pm 15/4/14
Personally I think Age of Conan did first person better. Conan had a wow factor where TESO is an "oh yeah".
Posted 11:11pm 15/4/14
Harsh review, I personally would give this a 9/10 - I'm a big TES fan, love MMOs and find nearly everything about it fresh and brilliant.

The best character development in any MMO ever / Best story & acting (including SWTOR) / Best PvP (since DAoC)

Not sure how it merits a 7/10... an 8/10 would have been at least, fair.
Posted 02:36am 16/4/14
Wildstar..end of story :P
Posted 06:04am 16/4/14
Review score is fair, I get frustrated too by the PvE combat I also found the tutorial was a bit weak in explaining a few things about the game but after playing it for an hour you pick up on it really well. The community is fantastic for helping out, for a launch MMO I find it a really smooth experience I haven't had any issues to date, I can only hope it gets better and better.
Posted 06:31am 16/4/14
Yea I'm a Elder Scroll fan and I also think this review is a bit harsh tbh. Should of got at least an 8 for the lore and story alone. Remember its an mmorpg not a standard mmo.
Posted 07:23am 16/4/14
Eorl, what alliance are you guys in? I'm in the Dominion at level 20 I believe. I haven't really been teaming up with other people, just running around and helping the odd person here and there. I'm enjoying it too personally.
Posted 08:07am 16/4/14
I'm in Ebonheart Pact at level 26, we wanted to be dark and edgy :P Let me know your name and I'll send you an invite to my guild at the very least :)
Posted 08:10am 16/4/14
@meddek add me yo!
Tanaka Khan
Posted 09:59am 16/4/14
@Tanaka-Khan - Ebonheart Pact, level 48 Dragon Knight
Feel free to add me!
Posted 10:34am 16/4/14
@taggs AD 39 templar
Posted 11:05am 16/4/14
What PvP campaign are you guys playing on? We've all gone Auriel's Bow as that seems to be the most "balanced" compared to others.
Posted 11:08am 16/4/14
you guys level up fast! :D or maybe i just go real slow ... more likely ;)

last 2 eso sessions i played i did no quests... just wandered around trying to find as much ore to mine as possible to boost my blacksmithing. atm i get more drive to create the items i want than to do quests :p
Posted 11:15am 16/4/14
do you get xp crafting/mining
Posted 11:40am 16/4/14
What PvP campaign are you guys playing on? We've all gone Auriel's Bow as that seems to be the most "balanced" compared to others.

I haven't done any pvp yet. I'm mainly questing and crafting with a bit of role play on the side. I'm on AD though and apparently they do well in pvp on the US server so i'm not missed anyway.
Posted 11:47am 16/4/14
When I was playing beta I found it most beneficial to set my home campaign to whichever campaign was massively skewed in favour of my faction, so you get maximum bonuses while doing pve. Then just guest yourself to the campaign you actually want to play in thats more balanced.
Posted 11:53am 16/4/14
do you get xp crafting/mining

it's typical elder scrolls where whatever you do most, it boosts the skill.. but i don't think that all skills count towards the overall level xp. not sure though.
the actual mining doesn't give you any xp.. just the resource. then you get skill xp for refining, creating, improving or research.

i also haven't done any pvp... it's just co-op elder scrolls for me too.

i'm on the north america megaserver too... i didn't even see any option to choose the megaserver... is it decided by where you bought the game or something?
Posted 12:30pm 16/4/14
I'm pretty sure your account isn't region locked, all you have to do is just switch to EU client through launcher. Though atm EU megaserver is located in NA while they finalise Europe database.
Posted 04:55pm 16/4/14
My account is @bob342, bloody Ebonheart scum ;)
Posted 06:23pm 16/4/14
@dkon lvl 10 khajiit
Posted 06:43pm 16/4/14
Actually this game should get a -5 since I can't play it due to the launcher being broken...
Posted 07:25pm 16/4/14
argh still dicing up whether to purchase this game or not. cant justify $50+ and sub...
Posted 07:47pm 16/4/14
You can get the standard edition for $48 through GMG by using a browser VPN, its what I did for the girlfriend.

Mosfx, if you are still getting the launcher issue delete Bethesda.net_Launcher.version from X:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher, that fixed it for me. It will pop up a repair button after you restart your launcher and should be good to go.
Posted 08:16pm 16/4/14
I've been in spindleclutch twice and almost finished it when everyone decides to friggin leave.

Apart from that, loving it.
Playing it as co op skyrim.
Posted 09:35pm 16/4/14

This fix worked for me to fix the 209 error.

Yeah that's what I used for the girlfriend, she had it constantly go in a loop but that seemed to fix it.
Posted 10:18pm 16/4/14
I would just like to run around mostly solo and still have a good time. I don't really care about excelling at PvP but I'd still like to be capable of defending myself. Basically what I am saying is that if I want a Skyrim like experience where the world is populated by living players, will I get it from ES:O?

Also just how big is the game world exactly? Apparently the whole of Tamriel is available? Does that mean the game world is the size of roughly 10 Skyrim maps?
Posted 11:25pm 16/4/14
Yeah you can easily get that experience from ESO, the only time you are "forced" to group is dungeons and even then you don't have to do them. Public events like Anchor Points and Public Dungeons may break that playstyle a bit, but you could just scratch it up to other heroes helping you out.

The world is pretty big, each faction gets their own levelling areas up until 50 where they all collect in Coldharbour. I'd say its bigger than Skyrim easily, though I'm not sure how big.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:35pm 16/4/14
Plus after level 50 you're able to quest in the other factions zones (Haven't gotten there yet)
Posted 07:38pm 17/4/14
Gonna wait for this on console, the beta seemed good but not great, interested to see if the novelty of playing an MMO on a console adds anything. As long as the interest hasn't died off since the PC release that is.
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