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Post by Eorl @ 09:35am 10/04/14 | 12 Comments
The first patch for Blizzard's loot-collecting clicker Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is now live, bringing with it a rather large list of changes and fixes to classes, bugs and of course that precious loot.

Of the classes to be tweaked and changed, the Crusader seems to be the most affected with a rather large portion of the patch notes dedicated to the valiant warrior. Having been made available on the launch of the expansion, it was clear that certain balances were going to be seen as more players handled the class, though from a glance they still seem to play exactly like advertised: lots of smashing and lots of holy light.

Other changes include Nephalem Rifts getting layout tweaks, increase drop rate to Malthael's Reaper Fear legendary crafting material, Resplendent Chest increases to make loot much more appealing and the increase in survivability of pets summoned by several skills or items.

All this and more can be read in Blizzard's full patch notes. Let us know your thoughts on how Reaper of Souls is doing since its launch and if you've found any sick loot in the comments below!

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:28am 10/4/14
Reaper of souls is a lot of fun to play. Definitely a worthy purchase.
Posted 10:30am 10/4/14
35% increase to Frenzy damage. Pew.

Increased survive on already OP CotA. Pew.
Posted 10:32am 10/4/14
Best change:

Cant get stuck on the box near the smith in act 1 anymore
Posted 10:39am 10/4/14
Anyone else see this incoming hotfix?

The bonus legendary drop rate for rifts is being increased from 25% to 100%!
*This means that while in a rift your chance to find a legendary item from monsters, chests, elites, and everything else is double what it is outside of rifts. No this does not mean opening bounty bags in rifts is the new hotness. ;P

Kadala’s legendary drop rate has been significantly increased.
*Blood Shards are meant to be a compelling element of rift rewards and something players are excited to get.
Posted 02:11pm 10/4/14
Thank god for the increased legendary chance...

I havn't found a single legendary in the last day of gameplay and it was constant non-stop rifting with 3 others...
Posted 06:51pm 10/4/14
Kadala’s legendary drop rate has been significantly increased.

I got a thunderfury on the 10th roll with near perfect stats.
Posted 07:16pm 10/4/14
Kadala is still a stingy b**** for me :(
Posted 09:50pm 10/4/14
Don't think ANZ servers have been hotfixed yet.
Posted 10:38pm 10/4/14
Yeah they just brought down the servers at 10PM for the hotfix to ANZ servers....
Posted 11:08pm 10/4/14
Yeah they just brought down the servers at 10PM for the hotfix to ANZ servers....

It is super nice having local shards now, hopefully that means they can delay patches until later our time to push through.
Posted 11:11pm 10/4/14
Yeah as long as they tell us I guess. I blew through 1000 shards thinking the hotfix was live :P
Posted 08:27am 11/4/14
I blew through 1000 shards thinking the hotfix was live :P

haha i bought like 8 sets of bracers last night before i decided this was still a load of bulls*** and kept playing
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