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Post by Eorl @ 06:25pm 09/04/14 | 12 Comments
PlayStation 4 fans will soon be getting their very first Naughty Dog game, and its not the new Uncharted.

According to NeoGAF user Fernoca, the PlayStation Store accidentally broadcasted a pre-order page for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's zombie survival epic from last year. The pre-order price was listed at $59.99, a price that seems to be a standard for re-releases like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. According to the screengrab, the page also mentioned Day 1 Digital release, suggesting that a physical version will most likely be available for those unable to download digitally.

The Last of Us was previously mentioned for PlayStation 4 when a Sony Turkey executive accidentally let slip on national TV during an interview that we could expect a HD version sometime soon. That definitely seems to be the case now. Hopefully it won't just be The Last of Us that sees a return, with many fans still eager to hear news about Grand Theft Auto V for next-gen and PC.

(compare all prices)

Latest Comments
Posted 10:21am 10/4/14
Official now.

Funny that a ps3 game I've already played is the only thing that makes me want a ps4. (maybe MGS ground zeroes as well)

- 1080p
- Higher resolution character models
- Improved shadows and lighting
- Upgraded textures
- Director/Writer/Actor Commentary for all cinematics.
- Includes Left Behind DLC, Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories MP packs.
- ND is targeting 60fps[1]
- ND is developing the port in-house

1080 + 60 fps. f*** yeah. the frame drops were so annoying playing on an 144hz monitor.
Posted 11:43am 10/4/14
worth the double dip when i get a ps4
Posted 12:20pm 10/4/14
Great game, enjoyed it immensely on the PS3 although this isn't the killer title making me rush out to buy a PS4
Posted 01:30pm 10/4/14
You can say that again, Topper (heheh)
Posted 04:12pm 10/4/14
I have been meaning to buy this and play it but haven't gotten around to it yet. Looks like a good excuse to get it on my ps4 instead.
Posted 11:24am 11/4/14
It's an awesome game.
Posted 02:56pm 12/4/14
I said I wasn't going to buy a console for a single game but I may just get a ps4 for "reasons". Do you need to pay for PSN to play online like you do wiht XBL? (for another game, not this one)
Posted 03:35pm 12/4/14
from what I have read PS4 PSN costs money, with a few exceptions like f2p games and netflix.

waiting for a good ps4 deal now. D****mith had them for 450bucks the other week. wish I jumped on that.
Posted 06:46pm 12/4/14
I should get around to finishing it. I stalled at the part where you jump down to this other level and then kill 5-6 infected or whatever. tried many times but it was too hard.
Posted 08:22pm 12/4/14
from what I have read PS4 PSN costs money, with a few exceptions like f2p games and netflix.

waiting for a good ps4 deal now. D****mith had them for 450bucks the other week. wish I jumped on that.

I really wish they'd make a freebie version with just basic functionality. I don' t get what makes playing the same MP game on PC or Console so vastly different that one needs a subscription while the other doesn't.
Posted 09:48am 15/4/14
where do you guys buy console games? Thinking of getting the ps4
Posted 11:47am 15/4/14
If you get the PS4 use the PSN store to buy the games. I log onto the US store and get the games at their prices, not the Aussie bulls*** prices.
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