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Post by Eorl @ 11:45am 08/04/14 | 20 Comments
Goat Simulator, the rather broken but hilarious physics game staring a goat, will soon be receiving splitscreen multiplayer as a free add-on in its 1.1 update due in mid-May, developer Coffee Stain Studios announced.

The Swedish developer hasn't stopped there though with new content, also announcing that a new map that's "roughly the size of the original vanilla map" will be making its way into update 1.1, alongside new playable goats, achievements and more.

"A lot of people have been asking for DLC with new maps for Goat Simulator, but we would feel bad charging people for DLC content when people can just download new stuff for free from the Steam Workshop, so we decided to do a free update instead," said Coffee Stain's Armin Ibrisagic on the official Steam forums.

Goat Simulator is available through Steam for PC, and you can check out the hilarious launch trailer below that takes some creative liberty from the original Dead Island cinematic trailer.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:48am 08/4/14
I still can't believe there is a game called Goat Simulator.
Posted 12:43pm 08/4/14
its not really butter
Posted 12:47pm 08/4/14
No VR support?
Posted 01:33pm 08/4/14
I bought it, played about 3 hours lol
Posted 01:36pm 08/4/14
I bought it, played about 3 hours lol

If I was going to buy it, it would be to lick the largest object I can find so I can drag it through the city and cause mass destruction.

I couldn't imagine that taking more than 3 hours.
Posted 01:46pm 08/4/14
It's actually pretty fun to just power up and play while chilling out. I've clocked in about 8 hours. But it's between myself, the missus and my housemate. My gf and I play heaps of games co-op so I cannot wait till this gets coop happening.
Posted 03:37pm 08/4/14
Played it for around 20mins and got bored of it. It seems like to get any enjoyment from this you have to be in on the joke/meme
Posted 04:41pm 08/4/14
Ah Topper there's one born every minute.
Posted 08:43pm 08/4/14
Yeah i don't really get it... is it just a popular internet trend or something?
Sir Redhat
Posted 08:52pm 08/4/14
WTF I thought this was an april fools thing?
Posted 09:31pm 08/4/14
I got bored of it after 20 mins. Once I found the jetpack and used it to fight other goats it was hard to top that.

I would really like to see a multiplayer or even an MMO to make it last longer.
At the moment there is a very limited number of things to do so more content is required to make the fun last longer.
Posted 09:56pm 08/4/14
MMO would be hilarious.
Posted 10:07pm 08/4/14
MMO would be hilarious for 5 minutes.

Posted 02:15am 09/4/14
I want this game.
Posted 07:32am 09/4/14
MMO would be hilarious.


I dont think it would be hilarious for even that. I just don't find goats that hilarious in real life or virtual form. The only reason I 'played' it was curiosity more than anything, but it was a waste of 20mins. Apparently its 'cool' to release a buggy/unfinished thing on steam and cash in on an internet meme. Yes there's a disclaimer that the product is unfinished and buggy buuut its ok, because it's got goats in it and that somehow gives it a free pass. There's alot better ways to spend $10 on steam than this but will go unnoticed...shame really
Posted 08:18am 09/4/14
Seems you're Jelly you didn't think of it.
Posted 08:39am 09/4/14
I want this game.

Here you go. Already been funded.
Posted 08:40am 09/4/14
Hey topper don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.
Posted 09:02am 09/4/14
Goats > Bears.

Petition for MMO Goat Sim and I'll buy it.
Posted 02:45pm 09/4/14
No Crusher jokes?
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