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Post by Eorl @ 01:52pm 04/04/14 | 42 Comments
The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online Studios' now released massively multiplayer online role-playing game, had more than 5 million people register for its beta, publisher Bethesda Softworks revealed today in a quite large infographic.

According to the image, the hefty beta numbers are double that of Big Macs eaten around the world, which is only but one of several facts released about The Elder Scrolls Online and its development. Other interesting facts include the news that players can create 5.0952187*1058 character combinations, there are 61 million items in-game to find and 10,202 non-playable characters in the MMORPG. Also of note: taking a leaf from South Park's World of Warcraft episode, you can get to level 50 simply by killing 119,050 mudcrabs. Such excellent use of your time.

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available on PC in Windows and Mac form, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version launching sometime during June. If you happen to miss the previous post, we've now got a competition running for the chance to win a Physical Imperial Edition, so get in on that!

Have you taken up a blade or staff in The Elder Scrolls Online? How is the game fairing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:16pm 04/4/14
Played the beta but watching the reviews very carefully at the moment before I decide what platform I am going with.
Posted 02:21pm 04/4/14
Most boring generic sub mmo I have EVER played
Posted 02:36pm 04/4/14
while wow, eve and gw2 are still available and populated, there should be no person alive who buys this game.
Posted 02:40pm 04/4/14
I'm doing something wrong then because I'm enjoying it :S After playing in a few beta weekends and the press week, I was super hesitant on getting it for launch. I got an extra early access code emailed to me accidentally from EB so played the past few days and actually really hooked on it.

It definitely keeps the feeling of past Elder Scrolls titles where you can literally wander anywhere and find stuff. I've been wandering around not going on any set path and been really enjoying the place. Really nice looking art style and graphics, fairly solid combat and being able to wear full heavy armour as a healer without being punished is awesome.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 04:10pm 04/4/14
I'm loving this game so hard right now. I'm just taking my time wandering around like I did with Skyrim, and continue to find quests and things to do. The 5 day early launch was surprisingly smooth with only a few quests bugged out in the zone of Stonefall where I was questing, which have since been fixed.
Posted 04:19pm 04/4/14
I bought the imperial edition of this game, while there are certain aspects i do like, like Toxus said "generic" is exactly what it is. I paid $120 and after 2 days im bored as f***. Next... Wildstar... Probably going to be the same, because lets face it... When you can't do pvp or pve as well as others because of lag, who the f*** wants to play it.
Posted 04:31pm 04/4/14
We tried a bit of PvP last night, wasn't too bad but yeah would definitely like some local love. Was able to capture a lumber mill haha so that's a bonus.
Posted 05:10pm 04/4/14
Same it's great, i love elderscrolls and this is no exception. gg
Posted 05:15pm 04/4/14
I had Imperial Edition preordered and cancelled it after the last beta weekend. I have nothing against the game itself. The graphics looked awesome, it ran well for me and played well.

I cant really put my finger on why I didn't keep my order and cancelled at the last minute.

I am addicted to ROS and DS2 and still dabble in WoW for an MMO fix. I think my love for MMO's is dwindling more than dislike for the game itself.
Posted 08:55pm 04/4/14
Love this user review from meta critic:

Oh man is this terrible. It doesn't even have killstreaks. The trees in a garden make more sense than shards in steak. What is this!? Elder Scrolls Online? More like Old People Stank Offline. This is a abomination of all mankind. I pluck holes faster than it takes for this game to download. They couldn't even afford better servers for downloading the game? After 20 mins I just went to walmart and bought it. It took me 10 mins. Once I got back I was soon bedazzled with umpalumpas and crumpld canky newspapers. Once I got my skill tree in garden with comments regaurding obeme glitch I was able to resodu. Haha you call htis a game? I call it rock. And it makes me hard.

I want some of whatever hes on. Actually, second thoughts, maybe I don't.
Posted 01:07am 05/4/14
That review Khel looks like it was written by a retarded 5 year old.

Sub par combat nothing feels like it has any impact unlike other ES games (not even made by the people who made other ES games) the gameplay was just dull the enemies we're stupid and pretty damn scarce especially annoying since you have to wait for things to respawn and the hoards of players killing them which adds to more waiting doubly so when you are trying to get a quest item.
Some people said they enjoyed it more once they got past 15+ BUT you shouldn't have to wait that long to actually enjoy the frigging game maybe if it was FTP but not sub that is just moronic.
The one thing I did like was the crafting and the voice acting but that was basically about it, maybe if it was made by the people who did Skyrim it would have turned out better instead of Zenimax whoever the crap they are.

I am eagerly awaiting Wildstar has more content and more s*** to do and the combat is actually challenging and fun from the start as I was in the CBT and now in the pre-order weekends can't wait to get back in every time and that is what an MMO should be makes you want to play it and you have fun playing
Posted 09:51am 05/4/14
i'm enjoying it.

i've only played pve co-op but it's been really smooth running. a few bugs in the quests in the first few days of early access but they got fixed up pretty quick.

the world looks great & i often wander off exploring just because something different catches my eye.

the combat system took a while for me to get the hang of it.. still coming to grips with some of the timing. some of the bosses are reasonably tough.. which is a nice change from regular elder scrolls games.

the towns seem so busy compared to single player elder scrolls games, where the npcs walk around at a snails pace... with pcs running everywhere.. getting their crafting done.. it really looks busy! some amusing stuff too like the dancing & flutes & wotnot... probably standard fare for regular mmo players but it's new to me :)
Posted 12:03pm 05/4/14
Each to their own really Toxus, but I will disagree with the combat and enemy scarcity. I'm actually really enjoying swinging a sword and shield as a Redguard Templar, feels punchy and to the point. I can't sit there and spam spells like in WildStar (which works well for that game obviously but not in ESO) and it has been some time since I felt challenged by the gameplay. Enemies are everywhere from what I've encountered, and only had trouble with one or two world bosses but that's typical and I presume Zenimax will tweak spawn rates as time goes along.

Honestly, this is the first MMO in some time to really scratch that itch, and actually makes me want to jump on every night. There is just something this game oozes that wants me to keep jumping onto, and by god will I do that to appease it. Though of course, everyone's opinion is different, and I'm still eagerly anticipating the select other MMO's that are coming out this year, but I would definitely recommend not passing this off simply by face value.
Posted 12:26pm 05/4/14
I won't be passing it up as I am a Elder Scrolls fan and have been looking forward to this game for awhile now but I think I will wait until it releases on Xbox One because I'm enjoying playing Titanfall at the moment.
Posted 06:07am 06/4/14
I have managed to get a legit key unintentionally, I had bought it for someone who doesn't want to play :(

The cheapest I can find the key online is for $54, so I would be willing to get rid of it for less than that obviously, PM me if you're interested.
one point twenty one
Posted 07:15am 06/4/14
Am loving it. The Elder Scrolls world and lore is great and getting to see areas of Tamriel (the continent) that haven't been seen in other games is great. Exploring and stumbling across quests is massive fun. Never thought I'd play an MMO - this feels closer to single player games than other MMOs - maybe call it an action mmo? Less clicky, more aim.
Posted 09:52am 06/4/14
Started playing this morning, is there just one server?
Posted 10:13am 06/4/14
Yep, one server in US one in EU. Then it's all instanced stuff. It's the future!
Posted 10:17am 06/4/14
came really close to buying this but decided against it since i'll be too busy playing ffx/x-2 hd for the next couple months.
Posted 10:52am 06/4/14
We got a guild or aussie guilds going?
Posted 07:51pm 06/4/14
I've spent a fair chunk of the last week or so playing the game and I'm really enjoying it. Similarly to what Eorl said, for me it's about the immersion and exploration. I dont' feel like I'm being shunted along from exclamation point to exclamation point for quests.

You're rewarded for exploring, uncovering new areas with quests, dungeons, chests or skyshards. Sure there is a linear'ish sorta progression because you have areas with levels, but it feels much more free. Also, quests are sorta bundled around a waypoint or area and hovering over the map afterwards tells you about your impact in the area, so it gives you a bit of a feeling of accomplishment.

So yeah, I was pretty unimpressed by the beta, but I've been enjoying the actaul game a lot more.
Posted 01:17pm 07/4/14
Walk around looking for stuff seems to be the only positive about this game? Yeah.... No thanks.
Posted 01:29pm 07/4/14
I liked the skyshards, that was a cool idea, and the way you'd get hints or riddles to their locations in the achievements for them so you could track them down. I didn't really feel like the questing involved much exploration though, it felt like pretty standard MMO questing, just without as many breadcrumb quests, so you had to find the quest hubs and stuff yourself. To a degree it had that same feeling as skyrim where you see an icon on your compass representing an unexplored location, but it never had that feeling like you were finding something off the beaten path once you got there, like you were finding something secret or special. Because inevitably you were just finding another quest hub that the game assumed you'd find anyway.

In a way I think the MMO aspect of it ruined that feeling a little bit for me too because it'd be like you follow your compass to some old tower or secret cave and you go inside to find another 10 or 15 people already running around in it. Makes that feeling of discovery far less special.
Posted 02:21pm 07/4/14
In a way I think the MMO aspect of it ruined that feeling a little bit for me too because it'd be like you follow your compass to some old tower or secret cave and you go inside to find another 10 or 15 people already running around in it. Makes that feeling of discovery far less special.

yup! especially when there is a bunch of stuff to get for a quest that you have to kill monsters for... & as soon as you kill any... a couple of other pcs jump in & grab the loot. the upside being that i could go into dungeons that were above my level & let other higher level pcs do most of the fighting & just do enough damage to get a share of the loot. :D parasitic looting :D

some of the instancing is pretty funny... i didn't do many quests at bleakrock... went straight to stonefells. when i went back to bleakrock with a buddy, he saw a normal town but for me the town was destroyed & covernant forces are everywhere. so i just smashed covernant soldiers while my buddy did his banking :D

the 'treasure maps' are pretty s*** imo. i thought they'd direct you to some phat loot but instead it's like some kid's line drawing depicting f***-knows where!@ ;P

i wish you could kill other player's pets.. those monkeys are annoying :D
Posted 04:43pm 07/4/14
sooooo verdicts people - yay or nay?
Posted 05:02pm 07/4/14
Can anyone recommend a site for a cd key + game time. 2 weeks off work and looking forward to getting into this
Posted 05:04pm 07/4/14
yay for me. it feels like an RPG rather than an MMO. It feels different. old school. I really like it.
Posted 05:07pm 07/4/14
I've played the last two betas as well as from early access onwards.

I think it's great. I've had the most fun in this game than any other MMO since vanilla WoW.
Posted 05:17pm 07/4/14
yay for me too. prior to this i was playing deadspace3 thru for the 5th time (co-op, impossible difficulty & survivor mode) & although i love the game.. 5 times is too much. i really hadn't found a game that was good enough to get me away from it till eso came along.

i have signed up with eso for a few months.
Posted 05:54pm 07/4/14
I'm quite enjoying it. Combat is good. Less reliant on weapon slashing and more on the use of skill abilities. I've created three characters all each in a different alliance so i can explore the different starting areas and quests. Exploration is great. Visuals are very good for an MMO. World is always alive with other players running around. There is still some bugged quests (most likely due to the amount of players trying to complete that quest) which can be annoying, but i can then just switch to another character and play. Buying gear is very expensive which makes resource gathering and crafting much more reliant, and i like that. I just wish resources and chests wouldn't disappear when another bloody player gets to it just before you!
Posted 06:13pm 07/4/14
Is it a single shard/realm like Eve? Or multiples like WoW?
one point twenty one
Posted 08:12pm 07/4/14
Is it a single shard/realm like Eve? Or multiples like WoW?
There are two servers... US and Europe.

If you're an TES fan, definitely check this out.
Posted 06:54am 08/4/14
Also just a reminder that I have a spare key if anyone wants one on the cheap! $50.
Posted 08:04am 08/4/14
I'm loving this game, so open even the character classes are just whatever you want to play.

I'm still trying to find my feet for my class

Argonian Nightblade Dual Wielding DPS got to level 8 was a fun class but rerolled to Covenent as a few mates were playing there

Breton Sorcerer, was going to go healz but couldn't find a healing staff so went DPS, he is alright but mages aren't fun I was going to turn him into a heavy armor sword wielding battle mage but meh

New toon I made last night is a Redguard Dragonknight, this guy is a tank and he is f***en awesome!
Posted 08:07am 08/4/14
So does it have a world alterable by player actions? Or is it static like WoW and almost all other MMO's?
Posted 08:24am 08/4/14
Have been playing a heavy armour templar using a bow - level 18. Loving it so far!

Only qualm with the game is FOV for first person, really need to increase it or atleast have the option.
Posted 08:26am 08/4/14
I'm enjoying it heaps, got to level 18 now and just can't stop myself each night from playing. This feels exactly like when I first played WoW with the discovering of news things and just being wowed by the world. It is insanely pretty for an MMO, and by god is it awesome when heaps of people get together and spells fly off the handle.
Can anyone recommend a site for a cd key + game time. 2 weeks off work and looking forward to getting into this
Green Man had it the cheapest for me, $40-ish for the standard edition by using a web VPN (I use Hola) and that was with a 20% off code.
So does it have a world alterable by player actions? Or is it static like WoW and almost all other MMO's?
World is altered by players through phasing which is really cool. I actually had some NPC's in the starter area start yelling stuff at me about my past quests which was really great for immersion and made me feel badass :P

Also we should be getting a FOV slider in the next big content patch which is due by the end of this month I think.
Posted 12:08pm 08/4/14
Should we make a new account/character list thread or just commandeer this one?

Acc: @taggs

Main is currently a 25 resto/destro cloth wearing templar on AD.
Posted 01:04pm 08/4/14
i'll stick my deets here but tbh i am not really interested in joining guilds or whatever... i play at a very sedate pace (usually co-op with a buddy who plays at an even more sedate pace...) & often i just drop out of the game to chat or browse & leave my toon standing there :p that might change as i get more used to the game.. but atm i am totally happy to bumble around ... mining ore & cranking my blacksmithing :p

acc : @Demonik

ebonheart pact

orc (orsimer) dragonknight (lvl12 atm)
Posted 01:30pm 08/4/14
Is it just me or does Eorl gush at new MMOs? :D
Posted 01:33pm 08/4/14
Posted 02:45pm 08/4/14
Is it just me or does Eorl gush at new MMOs? :D

I love MMOs, they are my favourite genre by far just because how expansive the game's contents can be. Of course, I've been burned multiple times by titles that fell through or crumpled to the ground in a matter of weeks (looking at you Warhammer) but for the most part I've gotten far more playtime and reward out of MMOs than any other genre.

If you guys want, just add your names to the pinned thread on the forums, that way we can keep it all in one place.
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