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Post by Dan @ 10:46am 02/04/14 | 8 Comments
Expanding on the previous teaser trailer, a lengthier promotional video for Episode 3 of Telltale Games' upcoming The Wolf Among Us adventure game has been released on the official Xbox youtube channel.
After discovering damning evidence at a bloody crime scene, Bigby is just steps behind the prime suspect of a horrific murder, but he's not the only one; other forces in Fabletown will stop at nothing to protect their interests. Every decision matters and time is ticking in this thrilling third episode of The Wolf Among Us.
Oddly, the clip is referred to as a 'launch trailer', but no release date information has yet been forthcoming for any of the game's platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check it out below, (or avoid if you're spoiler sensitive).

Buy now from Green Man Gaming for only GBP£18.99 (USD$24.99 on Steam)!
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:28pm 02/4/14
Oddly, the clip is referred to as a 'launch trailer', but no release date information has yet been forthcoming

Telltale have seriously dropped the ball with their release schedules.

They consistently hit their one per month schedule during the production of Sam and Max, which became two months between episodes for Walking Dead Season 1, now its over three months between episodes for TWD Season 2 and TWAU. Not a good trend, especially given that they're taking on more projects.

It's a real shame too, given that the quality of their product seems to be increasing. If they could just remove whatever bottleneck is preventing the episodes coming out in a timely fashion, they would be killing it. Right now I can only recommend waiting for the whole season to be released before giving them any money.
Posted 12:40pm 02/4/14
i prefer that they take their time instead of rushing.
Posted 12:55pm 02/4/14
Perhaps the bottleneck is the creative people are spread too thin due to the extra projects they're taking on?
Only way to really solve that is to take on more people (+$$) or take on less things (-$$).
There's probably a bunch of different reasons for the delays, this is just speculation of course.

Right now I can only recommend waiting for the whole season to be released before giving them any money.

It's a decent recommendation. Is releasing on a schedule that much different from this new "early access" trend in games though?
At least with episodic content the expectation is that the episode experience is finished and that the gameplay isn't too half baked.
Posted 04:16pm 02/4/14
Hopefully its not as bad as episode 2.
Posted 05:29pm 02/4/14
I would prefer they stick to a 4 -6 week schedule by releasing the 1st episode well and truly into the development cycle so the risk of subsequent episodes being delayed would be greatly reduced. Given the release cycle at the moment they need to add some more fat into their development schedule. I love these games, but it really loses momentum having delays.
Posted 10:25pm 02/4/14
The lack of momentum does really fragment it, I loved Ep1, but Ep2 seemed a bit meh.

Maybe just release them all in one go, though I'd rather they take as long as it needs to get the quality.
Posted 10:28pm 02/4/14
i know people who will not be watching GoT so that at the end of the season they can have a crazy marathon of watching the whole lot at once.

but yeah telltale are really working on a lot of projects atm so maybe that has really stretched them too thin to keep up the output required in a timely fashion
Posted 11:56am 03/4/14
Apparently there are release dates now - April 8th worldwide, which probably means april 9th for us.

Weird that they couldn't wait the extra day or two to run the launch trailer with release dates and avoid the questions, but I dunno, maybe it's all part of some grand plan
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