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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:00pm 27/03/14 | 19 Comments
At this year's GDC, Warner Bros Interactive and Rocksteady held a hands-off session for the very recently-announced Batman: Arkham Knight.

While the most recent Batman outing, Arkham Origins, held its own within the series, all eyes have been on Rocksteady to see if they would don the cowl once more and take us back into the Gotham brink. Apparently they have, and with bat-eared gusto.

Our very own Nathan "nachosjustice" Lawrence was invited to the event and took away some very enthusiastic and in-depth thoughts on what is already one of the year's most anticipated games.

Click here for his full Batman: Arkham Knight preview.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:42pm 27/3/14
The size of the world, visual leap and ability to eject from your car and immediately start gliding had me at those things I just mentioned.
Posted 06:43pm 27/3/14
I spent so much time just swooping and soaring throughout Arkham City, I can't wait to see how the Batmobile factors into that.
Posted 08:26pm 27/3/14
i think i'll need a new PC.
Posted 01:46am 28/3/14
October can't come soon enough! I just hope that there isn't a month delay for the PC version like what happened with Arkham City.
Posted 05:39am 28/3/14
Looks as bad as origins.
Posted 12:04pm 28/3/14
Looks as bad as origins.

But Origins, while being the weakest "Arkham" game, was great

This was probably one of the best scenes from all of the Arkham games.

and good write up. Hopefully my 770 will work this one out .
Posted 12:33pm 28/3/14
I skipped origins so can't wait for this one.
Posted 12:46pm 28/3/14
Origins wasn't that bad, but it didn't break any new ground, it just felt like an expansion pack for Arkham City really, just more of the same. Not that that was a terrible thing, because the formula they were copying is extremely solid, but yeah, it definitely had the feeling of filler. The detective stuff they added was awesome though, I hope that gets carried over
Posted 12:49pm 28/3/14
I liked Origins. It was absolutely not Arkham City, but it was better than what I expected. The 'expanded' Detective Mode was still naff, but the new combatants made me approach fisticuffs differently, and that spoilerific section glynd posted is incredible.
Posted 12:57pm 28/3/14
i think i'm the only person in the world who would rank the games as asylum > origins > city.
Posted 01:25pm 28/3/14
i think i'm the only person in the world who would rank the games as asylum > origins > city.

I definitely think Arkham Asylum is the best of the series. Origin not having the "Riddles" was a pretty big let down for me and is probably the reason it's sitting at 3rd for me.
Posted 01:40pm 28/3/14
Origins seemed a little same old same old. But when a bar has been set that high...

Sounds like it will be fun. If batman is involved it would probably have to an outright bad game before I wouldn't like it.
Posted 01:59pm 28/3/14
I do like the FreeFlow combat system they use. I really thought that was were RockStar was taking GTA series after GTA San Andreas and I was disappoint with the next GTA not building on it.

Posted 03:37pm 28/3/14
i think i'm the only person in the world who would rank the games as asylum > origins > city.

You belong in Arkham Asylum with the rest of the lunatics.
Posted 03:51pm 28/3/14
What Joaby said.
Posted 05:19pm 28/3/14
Origin not having the "Riddles" was a pretty big let down for me and is probably the reason it's sitting at 3rd for me.

the only reason I have origins in front of city is because of it's story. I thought it was a lot more interesting and I enjoyed seeing how batman and the villains first met.
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 05:44pm 28/3/14
Origins is on sale for $10, the others are even cheaper. Going to pick it up I guess... I'm not not-juvenile enough to resist more batman and harley quinn.
Posted 06:30pm 28/3/14
I enjoyed all three. City is my favourite, but I really enjoyed Origins. I'm so pumped for this and will probably invest in a new vid card for it.

The biggest let down for Origins are the PC bugs and the DLC being pretty s***, I think they are still yet to add the final part of the DLC which will actually be proper campaign?
Posted 06:44pm 28/3/14
I enjoyed bits of Origins story. It couldn't decide what it wanted to be though, after it pulls its big bait and switch and turns out to be another Joker-centric story. The Firefly fight was pretty cool though, as was Bane, but Deathstroke was wasted so badly it made me cry and in the middle the story gets so weak I forgot what I was even doing for a while or why I was doing it. Also, the Mad Hatter bit wasn't as good as his bit in City I thought. There was some great Joker bits, but I think I would have preferred that to be like an extra story on the side rather than take over as the whole story of the game.
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