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Post by Eorl @ 05:18pm 27/03/14 | 5 Comments
Microsoft is preparing to increase the impact of its new reputation system, with changes being made to offer direct feedback to those labelled as “needs work” and “avoid me” on Xbox Live.

Starting this month, those placed in the "needs work" category will begin to receive warnings as their reputation drops. Microsoft has been collecting community feedback on players since the launch of the console, which will be used to try and get these individuals on the right track.

For those that have dipped into the “avoid me” category, penalties will limit their ability for matchmaking and possibly result in suspension of some services. This includes Twitch broadcasting, which came to the platform in an earlier March update.

For more on the new system, check out the Xbox Wire post. What are your thoughts on a console platform rewarding or penalising behaviour? Is it needed for better online experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

Latest Comments
Posted 05:27pm 27/3/14
I don't give a f***, I will do whatever I want f*****. It's my xbox
Posted 06:15pm 27/3/14
oh lol. its ok mommy will make sure everyone is nice and dry in the pants don't worry.

Still ridiculous over PC stances aside it is an interesting topic as to "how much admin is the right amount of admin".

Its just human nature to push. Most people just want to get along but some want to just watch the internet burn. What is reasonable isn't always clear. We have conflict in Syria right now because some say the government is tyrannical but the government says the rebels are outsider terrorists and it just spins full circle.

How does Syria relate to Xbox One some might ask? Human nature.

Also: F*** consoles.
Posted 08:12pm 27/3/14
If you don't like it don't play Xbox geez...
Posted 05:29pm 28/3/14
In before someone gets nuked because he's e-famous, e-infamous or he just pisses off the wrong clan...
Posted 05:46pm 28/3/14
If it wasn't for windows my life would be now 100% microsoft free. I've dumped any notion of buying office or using office, m$ console and am now seriously think again of working out how to happily and permanently migrating to linux. It would be nice, there are hurdles. If amd's mantle solution wins over direct x developer support then it could become a reality for me. A true 0 need for anything m$ related. Wouldn't that be great :D
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