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Post by Eorl @ 03:42pm 27/03/14 | 3 Comments
After a quite successful month of alpha testing, Sony Online Entertainment has today announced that their sandbox MMO EverQuest Next Landmark is now available in closed beta form, and is also undergoing a name change to just Landmark.

Previously available only to those who purchased the Explorer or Trailblazer Founder Packs, the closed beta will now open its gates to Settler Pack purchasers for a chance to try the game ahead of its official release. Along with the name change, closed beta will also see the introduction of major features to the game including combat, crafting mechanic changes and a whole bag full of bug fixes according to the latest Producer's Letter.
Okay, so let’s talk about Closed Beta and what you can expect. Closed Beta is going to be similar in nature to Alpha, but it will be a longer phase with some of the major features being introduced in to the game. We’ll be adding Combat (which includes damage, death, and risk), the crafting overhaul we’ve talked about on the forums, Player Studio, caves, water (both static and dynamic), loot (heck yeah!), SOEMote, a journal to track your progression, achievements, collections, an improved map, salvaging, guilds, ley lines, pvp, and more! We’ll be updating The Blueprint (formerly the roadmap) regularly so that everyone knows our plans and priorities!
For those waiting in anticipation on the open beta, SOE have yet to officially confirm a date, and apparently won't until "we have everything in the game we want and we’re sure we’re ready for it. As soon as we know though, we’ll make sure you do too!"

Landmark will be available as a free-to-play title on its official launch, though you can get in early with the purchase of a Founder Pack, available here.

Latest Comments
Posted 05:14pm 27/3/14
"Landmark is a different kind of game."

It certainly is, depending on which website you get when you search :-) either Sony or an agriculture business in Australia :-) I use to work with them when Wesfarmers owned them.

Not knowing to much about trademarks, can you trademark a word already in use? Im guessing from a date onwards no one else can?
Posted 05:42pm 27/3/14
I always thought as long as you are not directly competing in the same industry then it's generally Ok. For example Apple Music and Apple computers. This is a bad example because Apple comp ventured into digital music. Of course this
Posted 05:52pm 27/3/14
I seem to remember Virgin taking out a worldwide trademark and they went after everyone with the name Virgin in their company name, but they couldn't get the ones that created their name prior to a particular date. Im also guessing its the same as that stupid Candy Saga trademark.

Landmark have been around for a while now so it shouldn't be a problem, it was just me wondering allowed :-)
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