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Post by Dan @ 10:45am 24/03/14 | 9 Comments
Developer Zenimax Online has confirmed the dates and specific time for the various stages of early access and launch for their imminent MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. The details were shared during a recent Ask Me Anything session on popular social community site Reddit, in which the developers explained that the games global launch is anchored around midnight in London (UCT+1) on April 4.

Pre-orders of the game's Imperial Edition (and both flavours of the digital download edition) score five days of early access which kicks off at noon on Sunday March 30th in London, working out at a less convenient 9pm in Australian Eastern Standard Time (10pm in Sydney/Melbourne).

Those who pre-ordered the game's standard edition from a retailer for some reason only get a three day head start from the following Tuesday April 1, again at 9pm AEST.

Finally the game's April 4 midnight UK launch equates to 9am on Friday April 4 AEST (10am in Sydney/Melbourne). Who'll be in Tamriel on day one?

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:46pm 24/3/14
So having pre ordered my collectors edition from EB, and been given the 5 day pass I now only get 3 days?
Tanaka Khan
Posted 01:09pm 24/3/14

Hey Dan I asked about this on TSO's Facebook page. Turns out digital and physical preorders of the Imperial edition, as well as the preorder of the digital standard get the 5 days, and the preorders of the physical standard edition get 3 days early access.

The 5-day early access bonus that comes with pre-purchasing the digital Imperial and Standard Edition as well as the pre-order of the Physical Imperial Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online will begin on March 30, 2014. The 3-day early access bonus that comes with pre-ordering the Physical Standard Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online will begin on April 1, 2014.

Posted 01:16pm 24/3/14
my pre-order account (digital standard) still says 'early access' & the eso faq says anyone that pre-orders gets early access. i see the date 04-04-14 everywhere but no early access days... just "5 day early access".

from the faq ....
Will pre-purchasing or pre-ordering give me early access to the game?
If players pre-purchase the Digital Standard or Digital Imperial Edition for PC/Mac from The Elder Scrolls Online Store (, they'll receive five days of early access to the game. Additional PC/Mac early access programs are available through participating retailers. We have not announced plans for early access on console formats.

(edit) cheers for the info tanaka! :)
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:35pm 24/3/14
So for us here in Queensland we get the early access at 9pm this Sunday night (30th March).
Posted 03:22pm 24/3/14
i'm not sure if dan stuffed up the times or the reddit post.

edit: looks like it's 9pm brisbane, 10pm syd/melb.

last edited by ravn0s at 15:22:27 24/Mar/14
Posted 03:26pm 24/3/14
I've digitally preordered but probably won't be able to play until 2nd week of April.

What faction/class/race is everyone thinking of rolling?
Posted 03:41pm 24/3/14
I got mine from GMG - still waiting for this to be upgraded to imperial edition instead of standard edition -.-
Posted 03:58pm 24/3/14
i'm not sure if dan stuffed up the times or the reddit post.
Yep, got confused with all the daylight saving time conversions because as it turns out, the UK enters British Summer Time (UCT+1) on March 30th, but DST doesn't end in Sydney and Melbourne (UCT+11) until April 6. Meanwhile, ol' Brisbane is always UCT+10.

Anyways, the OP has all the correct times now. Cheers guys.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:45pm 28/3/14
Just a heads up guys, for those of you who will be playing the early release of ESO, you're able to patch your beta game for the full version.
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