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Post by Eorl @ 03:08pm 14/03/14 | 6 Comments
Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment's recently launched mech-infused first-person shooter, will soon be receiving a companion app, player colour options and an option for private servers, according to a recent series of Twitter comments from producer Drew McCoy.

McCoy took to Twitter to answer a number of player questions yesterday, revealing that the dev team are currently working on getting a companion app up and running. "Yup! Unfortunately it didn't make it in time for release, but [it's] coming soon. No details yet :)" Respawn are also investigating allowing players the chance to assign different colours to their teammates in order to better differentiate from the enemy, a feature that's "on the list to look in to for a future patch."

Titanfall's developers are also working on supporting private lobbies for eSports participatns, with McCoy revealing in response to a fan question on whether Respawn will support private lobbies for eSport that the "Devs at the office working on it as we speak!" We are unsure as to what exact features will come out of that, and whether users outside of the eSports world will be able to gain access to these private lobbies.

To those who might be stuck wondering when a Mac version of Titanfall will drop onto their Apple product, it seems that may come sooner rather than later. Respawn Entertainment boss Vince Zampella has stated that the studio is currently in talks with Mac publisher Aspyr. No further information was provided, but hopefully we'll hear more soon.

Titanfall is available now on PC and Xbox One, with an Xbox 360 version coming sometime next week. Find our thoughts on the new mech-filled FPS in our recent review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:09pm 14/3/14
And i was just complaining in the other titanfal thread - no the other other titanfall thread (talking about keeping s*** in one thread will ya mhmmm) that i could not see myself getting into titanfall because of how the game stands atm

and now talk of "option for private servers" wtf?

after all the debacle of "no local servers" and the slog and gnashing of teeth to get them here they causally announce options for private servers? talk about not doing themselves any favors by holding that gem back till now. However the:

"whether users outside of the eSports world will be able to gain access to these private lobbies".

thing is just lol. This is for PC. PC players love private servers and really dislike matchmaking. Of course they are going to want it duh. Is it a bad thing for devs to give gamers what they actually want?
Posted 08:23pm 14/3/14
Don't get too carried away, I'm pretty sure by 'private servers' they just mean the ability to host invite-only games that aren't openly available to the public, but still on their hardware. Not dedicated servers you can run yourself. In the world of console shooters, thats usually what 'private' means.
Posted 10:40pm 14/3/14
i got carried away ;(
Posted 10:46am 17/3/14
uhhhh Guys, private servers and private lobbies are two completely different things. Please clarify which one it is.
Posted 02:38pm 17/3/14
This is for PC. PC players love private servers and really dislike matchmaking. Of course they are going to want it duh.

Im a PC gamer and this doesn't really bother me
Posted 10:00pm 17/3/14
Now if only they'd announce they're getting rid of the 90 second wait time between matches...

Nothing pulls me out of a game more than a 5 minute round followed by 2 minutes of downtime...
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