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Post by Eorl @ 11:36am 13/03/14 | 4 Comments
Blizzard's upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm is adding a new character to its expanding roster, welcoming in StarCraft II's renegade outlaw, Tychus Findlay. The Terran Marine will serve in the Assassin role, like Diablo's Valla and Warcraft's Falstad.

The spotlight post reveals further details about Tychus' abilities, all of which are centered arond ranged combat. His main three abilties are: Overkill, which targets a coned area dealing extra damage to a single enemy and bonus damage to anyone else in the cone; Frag Grenade, a location target AOE that will do explosive damage in the radius; and Run and Gun, a directional target ability that will have Tychus charge into battle with his minigun spun up and ready to fire.

Passive abilities also play a role in Heroes of the Storm, with Tychus' minigun acting as his. This one packs a punch and has an attack speed that's unmatched by most other heroes, though it takes a moment to get it spinning. As with other MOBA's Heroes of the Storm also includes ultimate abilities, or "Heroic Abilities" as Blizzard calls them, which you can check out in action below.

As pointed out by Zapo in the comments, Blizzard has also revealed how you'll go about unlocking your heroes for play, with a variety of methods to obtaining said heroes. One of the main methods is similar to Riot Games' approach in League of Legends, offering a rotating five heroes for free every week, allowing players to become accustom to new heroes and also try out others.

Reaching level 7 in-game also unlocks an additional weekly hero rotation slot, giving a max six free heroes each week which are updated on a Tuesday schedule. As with League of Legends, Blizzard is also offering a bit of permanency when it comes to heroes, allowing you to purchase individual heroes using a currency called gold which you'll earn through in-game objectives. Players will unlock the ability to start earning gold at Level 5, and you will be awarded more of this valuable currency as you level up, as well as for completing Daily Quests, which are unlocked at Level 6.
Whether or not a hero is currently on rotation, you’ll also be able to take them out for a test drive using our “Try Me” system. This system allows you to test out individual heroes on a closed custom map where you can try out different abilities and talents at your leisure, away from the non-stop action of regular games. You’ll be able to toggle minions and bots, refresh forts, repick Heroic Abilities, and clear cooldowns to your heart’s content, which should give you a good feel of what to expect when you take your favorite heroes out onto the field of battle.
Additionally, those super eager to grab a hero can also purchase one with real money. Blizzard also stated that other offers like the current Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls pre-order bonus - which sees player being granted Valla the Demon Hunter at no cost - will also be available throughout the life of Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in development for PC and Mac, though no word yet on a release date.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:39am 13/3/14
Blizzard has also gone through in more detail about how heroes are obtained etc etc. That is available here.

I must admit after DOTA2, I'm a bit miffed that Blizzard has taken the route of unlocking heroes. Oh well. Let's see if it's any good first :)
Posted 11:58am 13/3/14
Lame, when they talked about unlocking the heroes at Blizzcon they justified it as "We want to start you out with some simple heroes till you get the hang of the game, then you unlock the more complex ones as you play more so you don't get overwhelmed up front", and that made sense. Now though it just looks like its so they can monetise the s*** out of the game. Disappointing :(

With all the other stuff they're cramming in like the skins and the tints and the mounts you'd think there'd be enough they could make money on without locking characters as well.
Posted 12:10pm 13/3/14
I don't play MOBA's often, but DOTA 2 has definitely spoiled me on the method of offering all heroes for free. Before that I was a sucker and put about $50 into LoL, but I just can't see myself purchasing heroes anymore for a MOBA game, either in-game gold or real money.
Posted 01:55pm 13/3/14
Can't wait after the abomination that was Dota 2 (UH OH), where every hero feels like you're sailing a f*****g boat regardless of latency. Even if a free to play game is fantastic, I've never spent more than a purchase price figure (< $40). Actually i've only ever spent real money in free to play games twice. Unlocking over time with in game gold doesn't bother me.

I want something with the snappy feeling of HoN, hope this is it, and if I see that long grass s*** anywhere i'm out.
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