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Post by Dan @ 10:30am 13/03/14 | 5 Comments
Graphics processor heavyweight Nvidia has announced the newest addition to its line of notebook-tailored GPUs with the GeForce 800M, which in addition to being lighter and purportedly "up to 60% faster than previous-generation models", they come packing a new battery saving technique referred to as Battery Boost.

Battery Boost improves on dynamic speed throttling by allowing users to specify a desired target framerate for the game being played, saving the energy a GPU would traditionally chew up trying to render scenes at its maximum speed. As per usual, the official GeForce blog explains it all in great detail:
Gaming notebooks deliver great gaming in portable designs, but haven't been able to deliver that great gaming experience while on battery. Most gamers play between 1 to 2 hours on average, something that current notebooks haven’t been able to deliver... until now.

With today’s launch of the GeForce GTX 800M Series, notebook gamers can get up to twice as much game time when unplugged, while still receiving the 30+ FPS experience they demand.

To achieve this feat Battery Boost adjusts the power needs of the GPU, CPU, and memory automatically to deliver a user-targeted frame rate (30 FPS by default). Each notebook component is adjusted in real-time, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring buttery smooth gameplay, even when the action heats up during high-intensity moments. If the gamer demands faster frame rates or longer battery time, Battery Boost can be adjusted using a simple slider via GeForce Experience.
The GTX 800M series GPUs have been launched today in North America, and can already be found in a range of new high-end laptops from the likes of Alienware, Asus and MSI, as well as Razer's newest refresh of it's boutique Razer Blade notebook.

Latest Comments
Posted 10:55am 13/3/14
GTX8xx will be another nail in the Radeon coffin.
Posted 11:48am 13/3/14
Bring on all the new models!... I want to see some price drops by the end of the year when I am looking to replace my current GTX 570.
Posted 04:54pm 13/3/14
ph33x - AMD aren't having any problems selling Radeon's at the moment. Cryptocurrency miners have seen to that. Add to that the fact that both XB1 and PS4 use AMD GPU architecture, and I don't see a coffin for your nail to go in.
Posted 07:34pm 13/3/14

ph33x - AMD aren't having any problems selling Radeon's at the moment. Cryptocurrency miners have seen to that.

I wasn't referring to AMD, but the Radeon brand. You mustn't have seen the GTX750 Ti - which features the Maxwell chip that is coming to the GTX8xx brand.


That little card is making 300KH/s at 60 watts. It doesn't even have a PCIe power connector on it. The chip on board is the new architecture but manufactured on the 28nm process like Kepler. If rumours are correct (I suspect they are), the proper high end Maxwell chip will be manufactured on 20nm fab process and will have well over 6000 CUDA cores. This little chip only has 640 or so. As we also know, the higher end cards are usually better for your dollar per watt, so there's no reason to see that chart go waaaaay higher, especially with the smaller fab.

(That's ok, as long as I get mine before the crazy RRP's and stock shortages)
Posted 11:23pm 13/3/14
Not sure what you are getting at - Radeon is an AMD brand?

Didn't know about Maxwell's newfound mining abilities, interesting read. Thanks. Maybe this will take some of the upwards price pressure off the AMD cards.
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